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Meeting Date: 04/24/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon suicide prevention measures and initiatives concerning mental health (as requested by Director McMullan);
The Woodlands Township Vice Chairman John McMullan requested a briefing on suicide rates and prevention measures.  Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Captain Tim Holifield will present information regarding suicides.

The Township Board of Directors received a presentation on suicide rates and prevention measures at its January 23, 2019, meeting.  At that meeting, Precinct 1 Justice of The Peace Wayne Mack stated that there is a need to coordinate and involve many different agencies to address suicide prevention.  Judge Mack pointed out that better coordination is needed with the courts, law enforcement, the school districts, the news media, and community leadership to have a meaningful discussion that may lead to more effective solutions.   
Recently Judge Mack announced that Thursday, May 16, is the date for a large forum on behavioral health and suicide prevention (Attachment A). The Houston Chronicle recently wrote: "Judge Mack’s efforts to build a coalition of faith leaders, law enforcement personnel, health care officials and others is off to a positive start, with more than a dozen community groups agreeing to join him and others to seek solutions, he said during an interview on Tuesday, March 26".  Judge Mack was quoted, "Collaboration can be a (challenge) to coordinate, but we have a great overview from both the professional community and the faith community. Our hope is to bring all of us together and tackle behavioral health issues as well as suicide,” Mack said of the participants signed on so far. “We are all going to come together and develop a mission and vision to combat these issues, then we’ll start peeling back the layers of the issue and learn what our strengths are and what our weaknesses are and develop a plan.”  Township staff have been invited to attend the forum. The forum is open to the public.

A  "Suicide Prevention Resource" article developed by the staff of the Township's Neighborhood Watch Department was published in the March edition of the Community Magazine (Attachment B).
Receive the report.
Attachment A - Behavioral Health & Suicide Prevention Task Force Flyer
Attachment B - Suicide Prevention Resources


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