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Meeting Date: 02/20/2020  

Receive, consider and act upon revisions to the Township Personnel Policy Manual;
The Woodlands Township Board of Directors approved The Woodlands Township Personnel Policy Manual on April 18, 2019.  The purpose of the Policy Manual is to provide a consistent guide to personnel interaction involving Township employees.  The President and Human Resources Director have the primary responsibility for the administration and interpretation of personnel policies as delegated by the Board.  All Township employees must comply with The Woodlands Township Personnel Policy Manual. 
In August 2019, the military training leave section of the Policy Manual was revised at the request of fire department staff and Catherine Clifton, HR Consultant.  This revision contained specific information about paid and unpaid travel time, and local and non-local military training.  The Board approved this revision at the August 22nd meeting.
The Texas Government Code states that employees should be paid no more than 15 workdays per fiscal year for the purpose of military training leave.  These paid workdays may be used for either travel time or actual training time.  Chief Buck’s former department provided a bank of hours equal to 15 workdays to employees eligible for military training leave, and allowed the employee to determine how this bank of hours is used.
Staff recommends providing 15 workdays as a bank for both firefighter employees and non-firefighter employees for Military Training Leave.  Firefighters would receive 360 hours per fiscal year and non-firefighters would receive 120 hours per fiscal year.  Should an employee exhaust their paid Military Training Leave, they may use Vacation or Paid Time Off.

Staff recommends the following language for Military Training Leave:
  1. The Township provides military training leave to employees who are required to satisfy military obligations under the Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights Act (38 U.S.C. Sec. 4301 et. seq) or other applicable federal law.
  2. The Township shall pay the employee their normal base rate up to 120 hours, per fiscal year, in accordance with Section 437.202 of the Texas Government Code for military training leave. Firefighter employees will receive their normal base rate up to 360 hours, per fiscal year for military training leave.  There is no accrual of military leave. Unused military leave time shall not be paid out at the employee's separation from employment.
  3. The employee may use vacation  leave  or  PTO  after  exhausting  the  120 or 360 hours of paid military training leave. Thereafter, military training leave shall be unpaid.
  4. Other benefits (i.e., vacation, sick leave and PTO) shall continue to accrue during the 120 or 360 hours of paid military training leave.
  5. Holiday pay shall be granted (paid) during the expenditure of the annual 120 hours of paid military training leave. Holiday pay shall be paid at straight time.
  6. Employees shall only be paid for hours missed as a result of military leave and reasonable travel to and from the reporting site as detailed on the employee’s order to report. For example, if an employee works a standard 5 day workweek Monday through Friday, the employee shall only be paid for hours they are scheduled to work but are absent due to a military training leave obligation.
  7. Employees who are on active military leave are eligible to receive training leave pay each fiscal year upon request. Requests may only be made for the fiscal year in which leave is to be granted.
Approve the recommended revision to The Woodlands Township Personnel Policy Manual.


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