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Meeting Date: 02/20/2020  

Receive, consider, and act upon an award of bid/contract for fire department Records Management System software, ESO Solutions, Inc. (C-2020-0056);
From TWFD Operations account; first year cost $46,934 with second and third year cost of $39,545 each.
Currently, The Woodlands Fire Department (TWFD) is operating in the Records Management System (RMS) FIREHOUSE Software. TWFD has operated with FIREHOUSE Software since 2000 and has determined that the system no longer meets TWFD needs. It has been challenging to retrieve the data to analyze TWFD needs and the software requires very experienced personnel to use the data and information. For this reason, it was determined that a new RMS would be required. TWFD looked at various vendors to determine which offers the best value and can support the complexity of TWFD needs. It was determined by staff that important requirements for a new system should include:
  • User friendly software for entry and retrieval of data
  • Easy to develop canned report module
  • Integration into CAD system
  • On-scene incident and patient information entry
  • Download of important information such as from cardiac monitors, pictures, etc.
  • Acceptable speed of entry of incident data (not completely reliant on internet size and speed to fill out an incident/patient report)

A Request for Proposal (RFP) was developed by staff to seek proposals from Public Safety Records Management vendors. (Attachment A)
A total of four vendors submitted RMS Proposals.  Price schedules are included as Attachment B.  The submitted proposals were reviewed and scored based on the criteria and point system included in the RFP. The reviews and scoring were done by an Evaluation Committee made up of six (6) fire department employees.
Scoring Criteria
  Possible Points
CRITERIA #1:   Cost-Initial and Future (ref. Pricing Criteria/Schedule in 2.2.3) 40
CRITERIA #2:  Does the system meet all the functional needs of WFD. 35
CRITERIA #3: Ease of the use of the system to include easy to learn 10
CRITERIA #4:  Is the specified computer hardware suitable and sufficient. 10
 CRITERIA #5: Firms experience with comparable departments such as WFD 5
Total 100

Average Scoring Totals
Pro-phoenix 9 28 14 3.5 3.5 58
ESO 32 33 8.5 9 4 86.5
EPR 30 30 5 6.5 2.5 74
Image Trend 24.5 33 9.5 9.5 4 80.5

After review of the scoring and the vendors’ products, it was determined that ESO Management Software fit TWFD needs.
ESO will also be able to transfer all previous records currently located in our current RMS, Firehouse Inc., which is critical in maintaining all fire department records.   
The ESO product has many tools to allow for the department to analyze incidents and the quality of care given to our citizens.   Furthermore, this product allows unlimited users to operate on the system at the same time, which is important in dealing with multiple incidents.
The product is available under a three-year contract and the cost has been budgeted under TWFD Operations account for Computer Support.
Approve the President/General manager to sign the three-year licensing contract for the Records Management System software from ESO Solutions, Inc., in final form as approved by the Township Attorney.
Attachment A - RFP for Fire Department/EMS Records Management System (C-2019-0617)
Attachment B - Bid Submittal Pricing


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