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Meeting Date: 01/15/2020  

Receive, consider and act upon an award of bid for playground equipment replacement services: Misty Dawn Park (C-2019-0471), Wimberly Park (C-2019-0472), and Bantam Woods Park (C-2019-0473);
$440,000 is allocated in the Capital Improvement Project Budget for playground improvements which includes $195,000 for equipment replacement at three identified parks. All recommended vendors have submitted playgrounds at a combined cost within the budget ($194,511.15) which includes the playground equipment and installation.
The Woodlands Township Board of Directors allocated $440,000 for playground equipment replacements in the 2020 Budget (Attachment A) which includes the playgrounds at the following parks:
  • Misty Dawn Park (Village of College Park, 20-year-old equipment)
  • Wimberly Park (Village of College Park, 16-year-old equipment)
  • Bantam Woods Park (Village of Sterling Ridge, 18-year-old equipment)
The playground equipment at these parks has been enjoyed by countless community members for numerous special events, school groups and public use. This has resulted in significant wear and tear on the playground equipment thus necessitating its replacement.
The Woodlands Township surveys residents regarding preferences for playground equipment which consistently results in strong resident preferences for swings, slides, and climbing structures. The Invitations for Bids (IFB) for the replacement of the old playground equipment requested that vendors include these play elements to the greatest extent possible within the confines of the available space. In addition, the IFB requested vendors bring creative ideas that yield maximize play value while working within the identified budget, available space and fit within the park. All equipment will meet the most current standards set by the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA), American Standards for Testing Materials (ASTM) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).
The IFB was sent to seven (7) vendors/contractors registered with the BuyBoard, a cooperative purchasing site. The deadline for submitting an RFP was November 28, 2019. Five (5) vendors submitted proposals (Attachment B - Misty Dawn Submittals; Attachment C - Wimberly Park Submittals; Attachment D - Bantam Woods Submittals).  Five (5) Township Parks and Recreation staff with knowledge and experience with playground equipment scored the proposals on the following criteria:
  • Cost and pricing
  • Ability to meet the installation schedule
  • Manufacturer's and Installers' quality and years of experience
  • Approach to the project - uniqueness, play value, creative design and use of space, number of play component and user capacity
The following is a breakdown of the scoring matrix and costs per playground. A full examination of the scoring can be found in Attachment B - Misty Dawn Tabulation; Attachment C - Wimberly Park Tabulation; and Attachment D - Bantam Woods Tabulation:

 Park   Kompan McKenna Lonestar Rec Fun Abounds Kraftsman
Bantam Woods Cost (inc. Install) $63,404.87 $65,000.00 $64,700.00 $64,676.25 $64,999.00
  Score 2.75 3.875 3.73 4.645 3.71
Wimberly Cost (inc. Install) $55,076.58 $65,000.00 $64,999.00 $64,936.15 $64,999.00
  Score 2.54 4.435 3.75 4.305 3.61
Misty Dawn Cost (inc. Install) $64,999.99 $65,000.00 $64,999.00 $64,898.75 $64,999.00
  Score 3.31 3.975 4.05 4.43 3.48

Recognizing that any proposal scoring a 3.0 or higher is considered an “Acceptable” proposal, each of the vendors selected for each park have scores that are above the minimum thresholds AND the lowest bid for that specific park. In all cases, the parks offer playgrounds with numerous features that meet the stated needs (swings, slides, and climbing structures), offer some unique elements and high play value in our playground system, provide appropriate use of allocated space and are within the budget dollars. The Township has experience with all these vendors within the past five years. The Fun Abounds Playgrounds submitted the lowest combined cost with scores on each of the parks projects being above the 3 point threshold.
It is recommended to award the bids for playground equipment replacement and improvements totaling $194,511.15 to Fun Abounds ($64,898.75 for Misty Dawn Park, $64,936.15 for Wimberly Park, $64,676.25 for Bantam Woods Park) and authorize the President/General Manager to execute construction agreements in connection therewith as approved to final form by the Township Attorney.
Attachment A - 2020 Request Capital Asset Playground Improvements
Attachment B- Misty Dawn Bid Tabulation
Attachment C Wimberly Bid Tabulation
Attachment D - Bantam Woods Bid Tabulation


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