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Meeting Date: 02/20/2020  

Receive, consider and act upon an award of bid/contract for Fire Department Landscape Maintenance Services (C-2019-0467);
$100,000 is allocated in The Woodlands Township Fire Department budget for mowing, landscaping, and irrigation services for fire department stations and the Emergency Training Center.   Total per year base cost of the bid submitted by the second lowest most responsive bidder is $166,008. The expense for the remainder of 2020 would be approximately $133,000.
The scope of services for landscape maintenance services at the Fire Department facilities includes the contractor providing all labor, materials, equipment, licensing, and supervision necessary for the maintenance of eight (8) Fire Stations and the Emergency Training Center. Maintenance includes mowing, trimming, flower bed maintenance, hardscape blowing, etc.  Central Fire Station and the Emergency Training Center entrance area have enhanced maintenance standards, which are similar to the standards for Town Hall and the Recreation Centers.
In 2018, fire station landscape maintenance services were removed from the comprehensive parks and pathways landscape maintenance contract in anticipation of reducing cost, attracting additional quality vendors and having multiple landscape firms under contact in the event a contractor was not performing.  DeAngelo Brothers was awarded a 15-month contract for fire station landscape maintenance, which expired December 31, 2019.  
The service was bid (Attachment A) and the Board of Directors awarded the contract on November 20, 2019, to the low bidder, Lotus Landscaping. Lotus Landscaping subsequently decided to not enter the agreement and forfeited their Bid Bond.  In the absence of a contractor, the Parks and Recreation Department has been performing the minimal amount of landscape maintenance required this time of year with department staff.

The Board of Directors has the option to award the contract to one of the two other bidders, or to reject all bids and rebid the work.  A summary of the bids (Attachment B) is provided below:
Vendor Yearly Maintenance (All Stations)
Lotus $86,640 (withdrew)
B & C $166,008

B & C has confirmed that their bid is still valid and that they would enter into an agreement for these services if awarded the bid.  In discussions between staff of the Fire Department, Parks and Recreation Department and B & C, a "value engineering" exercise could be conducted to determine if any changes in the scope of services and specifications might be adjusted to bring the total yearly cost of the services closer to the budgeted amount.  Additionally, for the 2020 Budget year, there would be 10 months of service, which reduces the 2020 expense from $166,008 to $138,000. Also, the $5,000 Bid Bond forfeited by Lotus has been credited to this account which will further reduce the 2020 expense to $133,000. 

If the value engineering exercise still results in costs more than the budgeted amount of $100,000, the Fire Department will identify positive variances in other operating line items to cover the 2020 variance. 
B & C Constructors is the current contractor of cul-de-sac island maintenance services and has performed this service with limited concerns from staff or the public.
Award the bid for 2020 - 2022 Fire Station Landscape Maintenance Services to B & C Constructors L.P. and authorize the President/General Manager to execute any necessary agreement as approved to final form by the Township Attorney.
Attachment A - Fire Station Landscape Maintenance IFB
Attachment B - Fire Station Bid Tabulation Form


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