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Meeting Date: 01/15/2020  

Receive, consider and act upon approval of the release of a Request for Proposals for Design Consulting Services for the major park renovation of Falconwing Park (C-2019-0671);
$125,000 is allocated in the 2020 The Woodlands Township Budget for design consulting services for the renovation of Falconwing Park.  $1,250,000 is identified in the 2021 Capital Reserve Fund for the renovation project.
During the 2020 Budget process, the Board of Directors, through a Budget Planning Initiative (Attachment A), re-authorized the Major Park Renovation Program.  Over the past twenty years, the following parks have been renovated through the program: Creekwood Park, Ridgewood Park, Cattail Park, Sawmill Park, Shadowbend Park, Northshore Park, and Bear Branch Park.
Falconwing Park was identified for the next major park renovation due to the park's age, type of park (Village Park), location in the community (Village of Indian Springs), available space, condition of equipment and fixtures and the layout of the park. While Falconwing Park has been identified, the Board of Directors has the ability to identify an alternate park for this major park renovation cycle.
The purpose of the Request For Proposals (RFP) is to identify qualified design consultants and select the best qualified firm to develop detailed design and construction plans for a major park renovation with the following objectives:
  • Address the community's needs of outdoor recreation, inclusive of aquatics programming.
  • Develop a site plan(s) with renovations and other improvements, considering preservation of the valued existing park features including parking, code compliance and providing new play and recreational experiences.
  • Identify existing utilities and any future installation of utilities to the serve park site(s).
  • Develop cost estimates for new or renovated amenities, including operational cost and revenue projections.
  • Identify potential funding sources.  Township CIP, grant funding, 3rd Party naming/sponsorships, etc. should be reviewed as part of a funding options.
A draft Request for Proposals has been prepared (Attachment B).

A proposed timeline for the project has been developed. However, this timeline may not permit recommendations from the consultant to be included in the 2021 Budget review and approval process.
  • Board of Directors review and approval to release the RFP - January 2020
  • Solicitation of RFPs - January thru March 2020
  • Board of Directors selection of a design consultant – April 2020
  • Public meetings, input and information gathering – May 2020
  • Board of Directors review and approval of renovation plan  – November 2020
  • Invitation for Bids Falconwing Park Renovation  – January 2021
  • Board of Directors consideration of Award of Bid – April 2021
  • Construction begins – May 2021
  • Project completion - TBD based upon final renovation plan and contractor selection
Approve the release of the Request for Proposals as presented herein.
Attachment A - Budget Planning Initiative 2020 Major Park Renovation
Attachment B - draft RFP Design Consultation Services Major Park Renovation


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