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Meeting Date: 10/17/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon discussion of a firefighters' second squad (as requested by Director Stromatt);
Director Stromatt requested an agenda item for discussion of the need for a firefighters’ second squad and possible ways to fund same.
During the 2020 Budget discussion, the Board directed that the discussion of the Emergency Medical Advanced Life Support Squad Pilot Program be placed on the December, 2019, agenda. 
The 2019 Budget included funding for a squad pilot program composed of two full-time positions and partial funding for a response vehicle. During the planning process for the 2020 Budget, a budget initiative (attached) was presented to the Board for consideration, which would have increased the staffing to a total of six full-time positions; however, this initiative was not funded. In the adopted 2020 Budget, the Board retained funding for two full-time positions (which were part of the pilot program) and partial funding for a response vehicle.
The other Fire Department staffing matter brought forward during the 2020 Budget planning process was for the future consideration of adding an additional fire engine company, which will consist of adding 15 full-time personnel, a fire truck, and will require a major addition to a fire station to house an additional fire company. This is viewed as a longer term proposal because of the facility addition requirements to house a new fire company. This budget initiative was not funded; however, a related budget initiative was included in the 2020 Budget to appropriate $100,000 for development of preliminary plans, cost estimates and timetables for improvements at the three fire stations and the enhancement at the training facility. This planning should also include development of a long term financing strategy for the projects.
Board to determine action.
Budget Initiative on EMS Squad Pilot Program


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