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Meeting Date: 01/15/2020  

Receive, consider and act upon discussion of The Woodlands Fire Department squad program;
Two FTE’s are in the FY 2020 Budget and the vehicle is in the FY 2019 Budget.
During the 2019 budget process, The Woodlands Township Board of Directors requested The Woodlands Fire Department (TWFD) present information related to incorporating advanced life support medical squads into TWFD’s current emergency service delivery model.  That 2019 Budget Planning Initiative Summary as presented is attached for your reference.  During that presentation the Board of Directors directed TWFD to implement a trial squad program in 2019 and provided $260,000 in the 2019 operating budget for two full time equivalent Firefighters and provided $85,000 in the 2019 capital budget for the purchase of one medical squad vehicle. The purpose of the trial squad program was to evaluate the effects of one or more advanced life support squads on heavy apparatus utilization within The Woodlands Township.

While the results of trial program yielded positive results, no additional resources have been allocated to expand the program.  In order to fully implement the EMS Squad Program, 4 additional full-time equivalents would need to be hired.  The department also requested an additional $55,000 for the squad vehicle to increase the vehicle payload and response capability.

There are two full time equivalents in the 2020 budget as well as $85,000 allocated for a vehicle.  Staff feels that continuing to conduct the trial program with overtime positions will yield similar results to the trial that was conducted in early 2019.  Based on the current approved FY 2020 budget, Fire Department staff would like Board direction regarding current allocations and future consideration of the EMS Squad Initiative.  Fire Department staff would like to hire two firefighters to fill the positions that are allocated in the 2020 Budget.  These positions would not increase daily minimum staffing in FY 2020 but could be utilized to offset daily overtime costs for extended vacancies.  Future consideration for increasing minimum staffing to staff the EMS Squad would be at the Board’s discretion.

If the Board supports the continuation of the EMS Squad Initiative, staff would like to purchase the vehicle that was allocated in the FY 2019 Budget.  Staff will review favorable capital project variances to fund the additional funding requested during the FY 2020 Budget process.
Board to determine Course of Action.
Attachment A: Budget Initiative - Trial EMS Squad Concept


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