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Meeting Date: 10/17/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon an Award of Bid for lake and pond maintenance services (C-2019-0312);
$180,700 is allocated in the 2020 Parks Operations Budget for contracted lake and pond water management services. Additionally, $52,700 is budgeted for repairs to fountains and pumps, for fish stocking, and other needed repairs.  Based on the unit costs submitted by the lowest responsive bidder, Lake Pro, the projected annual cost for lake and pond maintenance, not including chemicals or fish but including the performance bond, is  $80,880.  The projected annual cost  including chemicals based on the 2018 actual chemical usage is $172,648.
Contracting for lake and pond maintenance services is necessary and beneficial to the Township as it provides expertise in water quality management, aquatic vegetation control, fish stocking and fountain maintenance. Contracting lake and pond maintenance services has been an on-going program that aims to ensure proper maintenance and acceptable aesthetic values of the community’s 65 lakes and ponds. The current contract with Lake Pro expires December 31, 2019.
Contracted service includes 48 site inspections per year of the lakes' and ponds' water quality and the treatment for aquatic algae and vegetation. If treatment for algae and /or aquatic vegetation is required, the necessary chemicals are billed on a cost-plus markup percentage. The contractor is also tasked to perform fountain maintenance on a monthly basis.
An Invitation for Bids for a three-year contract was advertised in The Villager on August 28, 2019, and on The Woodlands Township website and was emailed to known contractors (Attachment A). A mandatory pre-bid meeting was held September 4, 2019, with six (6) contractors in attendance. Bids were due September 27, 2019 and four (4) bids were submitted. One vendor was disqualified for failure to submit a performance bond cost and lack of a statement of qualifications.  A summary of the Bid Tabulation (Attachment B) is provided below:

Vendor Base Price Chemical Price
 (based on 2018 use)
Clearwater $104,715.08 $91,768.80 $196,483.88
Solitude Lake $125,760.00 $94,827.00 $220,587.00
Lake Pro 80,880.00 91,768.00 $172,648.00

Lake Pro submitted the lowest responsive bid and has been the lake and pond maintenance contractor for the past 20 years.  Staff has been satisfied with the service provided by Lake Pro to the community.

Award the bid for 2020 - 2022 Lake and Pond Maintenance Services (C-2019-0312) to Lake Pro, Inc. and authorize the President/General Manager to execute any necessary agreements as approved to form by the Township Attorney.

Attachment A - IFB Lake and Pond Maintenance Services
Attachment B - Bid Tabulation Lake and Pond Maintenance Services


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