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Meeting Date: 10/17/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon an Award of Bid for tree removal and other arboriculture services (C-2019-0388);
$591,500 is allocated in the 2020 Park Operations Budget for Forest Management, which includes hazard tree removal and invasive vine removal. Utilizing 2018 actual quantities of services  (i.e. number of trees removed, number of vine removal days) the lowest most responsive bid for both Project A Tree Removal ($282,967.50) and Project B Invasive Vine Removal ($189,600) is King Solomon's Tree Service, Inc.
Pursuant to Strategic Plan Focus Area Seven (7.3 Preserve and protect the natural forested areas in the community) and the updated Integrated Forest Management Plan (IFMP), the Hazard Tree Removal (Project A) and Invasive Species and Vine Removal Programs (Project B) are on-going programs to ensure a healthy community forest. The current contract with Top Cut for both projects expires December 31, 2019.
Tree Removal (Project A)- Most trees removed each year are performed by contracted services. The contracted service provides routine, priority and emergency removal of hazard trees that pose a potential risk to the public or Township facilities. The number of trees removed on Township property fluctuates from year to year due to several factors, including drought, storms, insects and disease. Included in the bid specifications are debris clean-up, limb removal, tree fertilization and emergency equipment.  
Vine Removal (Project B)- The Woodlands' forests are a series of small woodlots or buffer strips of trees.  This design contributes to the “edge effect” which promotes invader species of plants to take over the native species.  Removal is necessary for natural forest regeneration to occur.  This is an on-going program (16+ years) which promotes a healthy and vibrant forest through sound forest management practices.  The contract for services provides 240 days of vine removal services annually. 
An Invitation for Bids (IFB) for a three-year contract was advertised in The Villager on August 28, 2019, and on The Woodlands Township website and was emailed to known contractors (Attachment A). A mandatory pre-bid meeting was held September 5, with seven (7) contractors in attendance. Bids were due September 27, 2019, and five (5) bids were submitted for Project A and four (4) were submitted for Project B. A Bid Tabulation has been prepared (Attachment B), a summary of which is provided:?
Vendor Project A - Tree Removal Project B - Vine Removal
King Solomon $282,967.50 $189,600.00
Top Cut $358,525.00 $192,000.00
Rothco $315,675.00 $192,000.00
Tree Guy $333,007.39 $217,790.00
Abor Master  $717,155.00 No Bid

King Solomon submitted the lowest bid for both Project A and Project B.  King Solomon has not provided services to The Woodlands Township in the past, however they have been in business for 35 years and are based in the Oak Ridge North area. Montgomery County Precinct 3 utilizes King Solomon for tree removal services and reported to have no concerns about their work.
Award the bid for Tree Removal and Other Arboriculture Services (C-2019-0388) to King Solomon's Tree Services, Inc. for Project A and Project B and authorize the President/General Manager to execute any necessary agreements as approved to form by the Township Attorney.
Attachment A - IFB Tree Removal and Invasive Vine Removal Services
Attachment B - Bid Tabulation Tree and Invasive Vine Removal Services


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