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Meeting Date: 11/20/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon interviews of candidates and a briefing on the process for Design Standards Committee appointments; 
There is no fiscal impact related to the appointments;
Seven appointments are made by the Township Board of Directors to the Development Standards Committee (DSC), three of which are designated by The Woodlands Land Development Company (TWLDC) per the Comprehensive Community Services Agreement. The terms of the seven appointments are staggered two-year terms or until successors are assigned.  On December 5, 2018,  the Board reappointed Township Walter Lisiewski and appointed Bala Iyer to the committee for two-year terms and appointed Arthur Bredehoft for a one-year term.  The Board also approved appointments designated by The Woodlands Land Development Company of Robert Heineman, Ken Anderson and John Anderson. Therefore, at least three appointments as the Township's designees are necessary and potentially five appointments if replacing the TWLDC's designees is necessary.

The procedures for soliciting the  Township's appointed candidates to the DSC include advertising for candidates in the local newspaper, social media and advising current Residential Design Review Committees (RDRC) and DSC members. These procedures have been followed by placing ads in The Villager newspaper, postings on the Township's website and social media accounts and by advising the RDRC and DSC members of the appointments during each of the monthly individual meetings. The deadline for submitting applications was November 7, 2019, by 5 p.m.. The Woodlands Township received ten (10) applications and these are provided to the Board for consideration (Attachment A). Applications have been screened for qualifications and credentials by the Covenant Administration Department, which has been summarized in “Summary of DSC Candidates” (Attachment B). The candidates have been invited to the November 20  Board meeting to answer any questions the Board may have of the candidates.

At the December 4, 2019, Board of Directors meeting, after the Board has had an opportunity to speak to the candidates that are in attendance at the November 20 Board of Directors meeting, the Township Board will select either three or five of the ten persons to the committee. The number to be appointed depends upon the status of the Extension of the Comprehensive Community Services Agreement.  The selection will be by written ballot for appointment to the DSC. 

Three appointees will serve for two-year terms. If five appointees are to be made, two will serve one-year terms.  Applicant names will be listed in alphabetical order. In order to be selected to serve on the DSC, the candidate must receive a majority of Board Member votes. In the event that three (or five) candidates do not receive the required number of votes on the initial ballot, those who received the majority of votes will be appointed and the process will be repeated until the three (or five) candidates are appointed. During this repeat vote, the name(s) of those who received the required votes will be omitted and Directors will only vote for the number of positions remaining (For example: If one candidate receives  a majority of votes on the initial ballot, that person will be appointed and Directors will be provided a new ballot on which to vote for one out of the remaining candidates. 

If the Board is to appoint five persons to the committee, the process to be used to select the two persons who receives a one-year term verses the two-year terms is at the Board's discretion; however after the five appointments have been determined, the Board could choose to vote by written ballot for which three members are to serve two-year terms and which two members will serve one-year terms.

The Covenants require at least five members of the committee of seven to have experience in architecture, engineering, contracting, building code enforcement or related fields (“Professional Credentials”).  All ten candidates presented for consideration are considered qualified to have Professional Credentials. 

Per the terms of the Comprehensive Community Services Agreement / Amended and Restated Agreement with Regard to Delegation of Covenant Responsibilities, which expires December 31, 2019, unless extended,TWLDC designates, and the Township appoints for a two-year term, its three members. The Board of Directors appointed TWLDC's three designees in 2018, and they have experience in architecture, engineering, contracting, building code enforcement or related fields.
Interview the candidates for the Development Standards Committee with no further action at this meeting.  At the December 4, 2019, Board of Directors meeting, it is recommended to appoint either three members or five members depending on the status of the Comprehensive Community Services Agreement from the applications received to the Development Standards Committee for terms beginning January 1, 2020, or until successors are assigned.
Attachment A - DSC Candidate Applications
Attachment B - DSC Candidate Summary
Additional Materials_DSC Candidate Summary_Revised November 20 2019


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