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Meeting Date: 11/20/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon a briefing on the process for Board and Committee appointments at the December Board meeting;
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As is customary following the election of officers for The Woodlands Township's Board of Directors, the Chairman of the Board will propose committee assignments for Board approval for those committees to which the Board appoints members. The Chairman will also announce committee assignments for those committees to which the Chairman appoints members. The proposed appointments will be distributed by the Chairman prior to the December 4, 2019, Board of Director’s Meeting.

In accordance with Board policy, committee appointments are made in December of each year. The Board primarily functions as a “committee of the whole” with limited use of Board Committees. Board Committees consist of no more than three Directors and meet only as needed (see full board policy attached).

Committee and Other Appointments scheduled for December are:

Township Board Committees - Appointments made by the Board Chair
  • Ad Hoc Economic Development Committee (three Directors)
  • Audit Committee (three Directors)
  • Investment Committee (Board Secretary, Board Treasurer and Township President)
  • Drainage Task Force (one Director to serve as chair of community task force)
  • Incorporation Planning Task Force (three Directors)

Appointments to Other Boards 
  • Convention and Visitors Bureau (three Directors) - Appointments made by Township Board election
  • The Woodlands Road Utility District (one Director) – Appointment made by Township Board (the term of the current appointment runs through May 2020)
  • Conroe/The Woodlands UZA (Chairman or the Chairman's designee - must be an elected official)
  • The Woodlands Economic Development Partnership (Chairman)

Staff Advisory Council - Appointments made by the Board Chair
  • Parks and Recreation Advisory Council (one Director)
  • Law Enforcement Advisory Council (one Director)

Please note that ad hoc committees, in accordance with Board Policy, are added to address specific issues for a term prescribed in a committee charter. At the December meeting, prior to making appointments to the Ad Hoc Economic Development Committee, the Board will consider renewal of the ad hoc committee charter. The committee is currently operating under a one year extension of its charter, which is set to expire on December 31, 2019.

The staff advisory councils are created to serve as sounding boards for programs, activities, services and policies of the department. The advisory councils are a function of the department and as such the department director serves as chairman.

Directors interested in serving on any of the Board committees, outside Boards or staff advisory councils should submit requests to Karen Dempsey via email by 5 p.m. on Monday, December 2.

In addition to the appointments listed above, the Township Board will make appointments to the Development Standards Committee and the Booking and Blocking Committee in December. 
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