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Meeting Date: 07/24/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon accepting a conveyance of 0.461 acres in Hughes Landing commonly known as the Botanical Gardens (P-2019-0373);
Base annual maintenance cost for adding this park area is estimated to be $10,000.  These areas, upon acceptance, will be added to the Park Maintenance Services Agreement with Yellowstone.  Maintenance of the art work - sculptures will remain the responsibility of The Woodlands Land Development Company.
The Woodlands Land Development Company (TWLDC) has submitted portions of Unrestricted Reserve "A", Block 1, Metro Center Section 74 and Unrestricted Reserve "A", Block 1,  Metro Center Section 75 (Attachment A). These tracts are public areas in Hughes Landing adjacent to Lake Woodlands and to property previously conveyed to the Township.  A portion of the project was funded by the Township per the terms of the Comprehensive Community Services Agreement. The property includes a segment of the boardwalk, pathways, wood deck and landscaping (Attachment B). The monuments or stainless steel sculptures known as Karale Glacier, 2015, and Fenris Glacire, 2015 (the "Art Works") are not included in the conveyance and shall continue to be the property of TWLDC. 

Included with the conveyance documents are Certificates of Inclusion and Agreements of Inclusion with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as this parcel is in proximity to the local Bald Eagle nesting site and MUD Notice Documents.
The reserves have been inspected and a pre-conveyance report has been provided to TWLDC.  Legal counsel has completed a review of the Special Warranty Deeds and conveyance documents and has found them to be acceptable (Attachment C).
Accept the conveyance by Special Warranty Deeds and the related conveyance documents as presented herein portions of Unrestricted Reserve "A", Block 1, Metro Center Section 74 and Unrestricted Reserve "A", Block 1,  Metro Center Section 75.  
Attachment A - Letter of Conveyance Botanical Gardens Hughes Landing
Attachment B - Hughes Landing Botanical Gardens Map
Attachment C - Special Warranty Deeds and Conveyance Document Botantical Gardens


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