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Meeting Date: 06/26/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon a presentation from the San Jacinto River Authority regarding water and wastewater fees that are being proposed to Municipal Utility Districts in The Woodlands (as requested by Director Brown);
The fiscal impact of the proposed water and wastewater rate increase to The Woodlands Township is unknown at this time.
San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA), the wholesale water supplier to Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) in The Woodlands, recently proposed a 4.5% increase in water and wastewater rates to the elected boards of The Woodlands MUDs. The SJRA Woodlands Division has not increased wholesale water or sewer rates since September 2016. According to SJRA, The Woodlands Division's 10-Year project plan maintains current service levels and addresses the need for system renewal of an aging infrastructure while projecting a decrease in water sales and an increase in wastewater services from previous budget years.

The Woodlands Township has no authority over water, water distribution or water use fees. SJRA, The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency and the Municipal Utility Districts that serve the community are each governmental entities separate from the Township. However, this matter is very pertinent in that it impacts all water users in The Woodlands, including the Township governmental organization.

A representative of SJRA has been invited to present the proposed water and wastewater rate increase at the Township Board of Directors meeting.
Receive the report.
SJRA FY2020 Proposed Budget Summary
SJRA Proposed Fiscal Year 2020 Budget
SJRA The Woodlands 10-Year Project Plan


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