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Meeting Date: 06/26/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon a lease with Neopost for a postage meter and folder/inserter equipment (C-2019-0314);
The monthly lease fee will be $893.48 per month under a 48-month lease = $42,887.04 over the term; $10,721.76 annually.  The annual amount is appropriated in the Non-Departmental Operating budget.
The  existing lease agreement for The Woodlands Township's postage metering machine unit and related equipment expires in July 2019.  While Pitney-Bowes has been the supplier for this equipment for several years, quotes for a new agreement were obtained from Pitney Bowes  and Neopost.  Each supplier provided  quotes through the government cooperative contracts with Texas Smart Buy.  Neopost provided the least cost most responsive price to the Township (Attachment A). The Township will realize a savings of $2,730.72 over the term with Neopost.
Approve the 48-month lease with Neopost for the mailing systems equipment and authorize the President/General Manager to execute the agreement in connection therewith as approved to final form by the Township Attorney.


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