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Meeting Date: 06/26/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon an update on the repair of the Waterway Square Fountains (as requested by Director Snyder);
The Board of Directors at the December 5, 2018 meeting approved funding in the amount of  $431,152 to address the repairs at the Fountains at Waterway Square which included: $369,026 in repairs and $19,400 for contracted project management services and 11% testing fees and contingency.  The Township retained Moffatt and Nichol for the project management services, at a price of $19,400.  All the repair work is being conducted by Fountain Works, the Township's contracted fountain maintenance contractor.
The Township Board of Directors  considered options to make repairs to the Fountains at Waterway Square several times during 2018 beginning in February 2018, until December 5, 2018, when final approval was given to proceed with the repairs. 

In February 2018, the Township Board received a report on the issues with the fountains and authorized repairs by the current contractor, Fountain Works, using 2018 Town Center Operations - Contracted Services operating funds.  After the repair project began, other problems with the structure and piping were identified, including but not limited to:  the ellipse floor that holds the fountain hardware is cracked on its main axis, additional voids within the bowl was found, and additional cracked and leaking pipes were identified.
Fountain Works, consulting with staff, a structural engineer, the architect and engineer of The Woodlands Land Development Company (TWLDC) who managed the original design and construction of the fountains, developed options on how to best address the repairs. On December 5, 2018, the Board approved Option 2B which included replacing the ellipse floor with a structural slab and replace existing equipment with new robotic water features and new nonproprietary control system.
After Moffat and Nichol reviewed the proposed repair plans, structural drawings and specifications, repair work began in late February with the removal of over 100 square yards of material from the ellipse bowl of the fountain. This took approximately four (4) weeks  which was two weeks longer than projected due to significant weather impacts. The final section of the new floor was poured on June 11 and crews are now installing all needed piping and electrical components to the fountain. The projected substantially complete date and goal is to have the fountain operating on July 4th for the Red, Hot and Blue Festival; however, some final touches may need to be completed after the event.
Local area merchants have been kept apprised of the construction, and efforts have been made to minimize the impact on business such as reduced working hours and site conditions.
Receive and accept the report.


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