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Meeting Date: 06/20/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon an award of bid for pathway stencils and crosswalks project (C-2019-0245);
$250,000 is allocated in the 2019 Capital Improvement Budget for improvements related to pathways, which includes but is not limited to: trip hazard removals, removal and replacement of pathways, new pathways, pathway stop signs, and pathway stenciling. The lowest total responsive bid received for pathway stencils and crosswalk painting was from All Service Striping for $60,070.  The remaining balance in the capital project budget will be used for the removal of trip hazards, other pathway repairs, new  pathways and other pathway improvements.
During the 2019 Budget Process, the Board of Directors allocated $250,000 for pathway improvements.  In the 2011 Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment, 97.7% of the residents believe the park system has value and 96.5% of the residents regularly use and enjoy the overall park and trail facilities.  This award of bid for pathway stenciling and crosswalk striping helps to insure the pathway system is safe for users and is also consistent with the overall findings in the bi-annual resident satisfaction survey which concluded that residents desire to adequately maintain and upgrade the park and pathway system.
The painting of cautionary stencils on the pathways at intersections, along with the pathway stop signs, improves safety at the intersections. The standard for  stencils includes six stop bars, one “No Motorized Vehicles Allowed” and one “Slow Intersection Ahead”. The crosswalk stenciling consists of two painted parallel bands that cross the driveway or intersection from pathway to pathway as a visual warning to motorists. The painting of crosswalks on roadways is a shared responsibility with Montgomery County and Harris County. Both Counties have approved stenciling of certain crosswalks since they are on county roads, with the understanding that the specifications comply with their standards, including the use of reflective glass beads. The Precincts paint the crosswalks in controlled intersections and at school crossings.  Painted crosswalks at neighborhood entries and commercial driveways are the responsibility of The Township.  Overall, the pathway system is on 3 to 4 year cycle for the repainting of  stencils and crosswalks, averaging portions of three villages per year.
A Request for Bid was advertised on The Woodlands Township website and in The Woodlands Villager on April 23, 2019 (Attachment A). Bids were due  May 7, 2019, and three (3) completed bids were submitted.  A Bid Tabulation has been prepared (Attachment B),  a summary of which is provided in the table below:
All Service Striping
Beltran Pavement Markings
RCC Group
Stenciling/Striping - Sterling Ridge $33,138.00 $111,695.00 $35,175.50
 Stenciling/Striping - Creekside Park $22,280.00 $  84,125.00 $25,836.00
   Stenciling/Striping - Grogan’s Mill $  4,652.00 $  15,205.00 $  4,823.00
Total $60,070.00 $211,025.00 $65,834.50

The lowest most responsive bidder is All Service Striping at a total cost of $60,070.   All Service Striping has provided The Woodlands Township pathway stenciling and striping services in the past and the results have been positive.
Award All Service Striping the bid for 2019 Pathway Stencils and Crosswalks Project and authorize the President/General Manager to execute a services agreement in connection therewith as approved to final form by the Township Attorney.
Attachment A - Request for Bids Pathway Stenciling and Crosswalks Project
Attachment B - Bid Tabulation Summary Pathway Stenciling and Crosswalks


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