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Meeting Date: 04/24/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon a proposal from The Novak Consulting Group for additional services, as requested by Directors, and changes to the project schedule, timeline and planning session schedule in connection therewith;
To be determined.
In early 2018, The Woodlands Township embarked on an incorporation planning study with two independent firms. As part of this process, the Township Board of Directors selected the Matrix Consulting Group as the lead consultant and selected The Novak Consulting Group to perform an independent analysis and best practices review.
The three key sub-studies completed in 2018 for the project were the law enforcement feasibility analysis (performed by The Matrix Consulting Group); the MUD – Water, Wastewater and Drainage System Evaluation (performed by HR Green in partnership with Matrix); and the Pavement Management Plan (performed by HR Green in partnership with Matrix. These sub-studies as presented by Matrix were used by The Novak Consulting Group in development of an independent financial analysis; however, the content of the sub-studies was not part of The Novak Consulting Group’s scope of work.
In November 2018, the preliminary results of the two contracted independent financial analyses were presented at the Township Board’s planning session. In December 2018, in preparation for a final financial model and a robust public outreach process, The Woodlands Township Board of Directors issued a No Fault Termination of Contract to Matrix Consulting Group, and amended the contract with The Novak Consulting Group, naming The Novak Consulting Group the lead consultant for The Woodlands Township for the remainder of the Incorporation Planning Study
The Township Board has not called an incorporation election at this time. The choice of whether or not to incorporate ultimately lies in the hands of The Woodlands voters. If the residents vote to incorporate, they must also vote to approve the initial maximum tax rate. Both must pass for The Woodlands to become a general law city, prior to consideration of becoming a home rule city.
The next phase of the incorporation study involves preparation of a final financial model and determination of a maximum initial tax rate that would be required if the Township Board were to call an incorporation election, and a public outreach program to provide information to educate and to survey the community. The Board has indicated that any incorporation election would only be called for a general election date in November of an even-numbered year.
At the February 27 Board planning session, Directors requested a proposal from The Novak Consulting Group for additional services. The request included options for additional analysis on Law Enforcement for the cost of a full force In-House Police Department that provides service levels comparable to the services The Woodlands currently receives, an analysis on the cost of an In-House Police Department of the peer cities included in this study, an analysis of the Hybrid Option for Law Enforcement, and more. Financial analysis was also requested for the cost of Public Works Operations from neighboring cities and the peer cities used in this study.
The Novak Consulting Group provided a revised proposal for services that includes options for additional law enforcement analysis and a revised project schedule and timeline to meet the requests made by Directors. The current draft of the proposal is attached for reference. If the proposal were approved, the contract amendment would extend the term of The Novak Consulting Group contract through November, 2020. The proposal includes a schedule of the projected tasks for 2019 and 2020 for Board consideration. The net additional costs associated with extending the existing agreement are as follows:
  • Amendment for Novak Services    $225,093
  • Amendment for Software Costs    $ 20,000
  • Amendment for HR Green Contract/ services as needed / est. cost up to $30,000. 
The Novak Consulting Group has also included some options to update the law enforcement study and these options range up to $82,500.
At the Board Planning Session on April 24, the Board may consider action on this matter or may direct changes to the proposal for consideration at a future meeting.
Board to determine action.
Proposal from The Novak Consulting Group


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