Board of Directors Special Planning Session

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Meeting Date: 01/15/2020  

Receive, consider and act upon matters regarding the Incorporation Planning Study (C-2017-0433 & C-2018-0138A), including, but not limited to:
     a. Decision points for the Incorporation Study Financial Model (Non-Law Enforcement);    
     b. Review of the Law Enforcement Study and related decision points for the Incorporation Study
         Financial Model; 
     c. Discussion of next steps and determination of next planning session schedule;
The Woodlands Township has engaged in an incorporation planning study, which is ongoing. In 2019, and for the remainder of the study process, planning sessions will be scheduled with representatives of The Novak Consulting Group, as needed. 

At the October 17 and October 23 Planning Sessions, The Novak Consulting Group, presented the draft law enforcement report and discussed law enforcement options for use in the Incorporation Study Financial Model.
At the December 11 Planning Session, The Novak Consulting Group reviewed law enforcement funding models and the proposed tax calculator, and discussed the upcoming project schedule and future meeting dates.

At the January 15 Planning Session, The Novak Consulting Group is anticipated to lead the Board through the confirmation of assumptions for the financial model and selection of law enforcement funding levels with the goal of determining a maximum initial tax rate at the Incorporation Planning Session on February 20, 2020. 

At this time, The Township Board has not called an incorporation election. The choice of whether or not to incorporate ultimately lies in the hands of The Woodlands voters. If the residents vote to incorporate, they must also vote to approve the initial maximum tax rate. Both must pass for The Woodlands to become a general law city, prior to consideration of becoming a home rule city.
Additional information on the study and all reports submitted to date can be found on the study website at
Board to determine action.
Revised Law Enforcement Report
ADDITIONAL MATERIALS - Novak Presentation_Financial Model_UPDATED


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