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Meeting Date: 12/04/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon a Notice of Intent to Renew for one-year extension of the contract with First Class Tours, Inc. for Commuter Bus Service (C-2015-5229A3);
The adopted budget for the Contract for Commuter Bus Services between First Class Tours and The Woodlands Township allocates $5,408,661 for FY2020.
The original Commuter Bus Service contract with First Class Tours, Inc. (C-2015-5229) became effective May 1, 2015, with a five-year term. Per the terms of the contract, upon expiration of the Initial Term, the Township shall have the option to renew the Contract in increments of one (1) year terms (each a "Subsequent Term") for up to a total Contract term of ten (10) years. If the Township exercises its option to renew the Contract for one or more Subsequent Terms, it shall provide Operator with written notice of its intent to exercise such option not less than ninety (90) days prior to the expiration of the Initial Term.

Given the high level of quality service provided by First Class Tours over the past five years, exemplary service through two major flooding events (Hurricane Harvey, Tropical Storm Imelda), high level of regulatory compliance as demonstrated through the 2019 FTA Triennial Review, and the advantage of providing uninterrupted service, a one-year term extension is recommended.

Upon Board approval, the Notice of Intent to Renew (Attachment A) will be issued to First Class Tours and a draft contract amendment will be presented to the Board for final approval at a future meeting.
Authorize the President/General Manager to Issue the Notice of Intent to Renew to First Class Tours for Commuter Bus Services for a one-year term and to return with an Amendment to the Agreement for consideration at a future Board of Directors meeting.
Attachment A - First Class Tours Contract (C-2015-5229)
Attachment B- Notice of Intent to Renew


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