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Meeting Date: 12/04/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon the purchase of a Pierce Velocity 100' Ascendant Mid-Mount Aerial Tower Ladder Truck through the Houston-Galveston Area Council (HGAC) Government Cooperative Purchasing Program;
$1,461,904.61 included in the 2020 Capital Budget:
  • $1,546,504.61 Pierce Velocity 100’ Ascendant Mid-Mount Aerial Tower
  • ($86,600.00) Trade in value of a 1995 Seagrave 65’ Telesquirt, 1999 Pierce Saber Pumper, 2000 Pierce Dash 100’ Platform, 2007 Pierce Enforcer Pumper
  • HGAC Contract fees $2000.00
  • Final Sales Price- $1,461,904.61
Approved in the 2020 Capital Budget is $1,575,000.00 for the replacement of a 2000 Pierce 100’ aerial platform. The department currently operates 5 ladder trucks.  Four ladders are frontline with one ladder in reserve as required by ISO.  Since 2016, the department has spent over $140,000 on maintenance on the 2000 Ladder Truck.  The new aerial platform will replace the 2000 Reserve Platform that currently has approximately 8500 engine hours which is the equivalent to 255,000 road miles.  This purchase is in line with the fire department’s apparatus replacement schedule and was accelerated due to rising maintenance costs.  Once approved and ordered, the new apparatus will be delivered and placed in service in approximately 11 to 12 months due to engineering and construction time. 
Purchasing the new ladder truck will assist in maintaining response times to all emergencies within 5 minutes from the time of dispatch and assist us in maintaining our PPC ISO Class 1 rating.  The new ladder truck will enhance the department’s response capability to emergency incidents.  The overall length of the truck is approximately 5 feet shorter than the existing unit while maintaining and improving the ladder’s reach capabilities.  Due to the apparatus size and rear wheel steering capability, the new unit will have enhanced maneuverability. 
Replacing aging frontline apparatus allows the department to improve safety for our firefighters and the customers we serve while reducing maintenance problems encountered when responding to emergencies and everyday use.  History has shown that not adhering to the capital replacement plan will cost more in vehicle repairs and increase out of service time for the apparatus.  This will have a compounding consequence as reserve units will spend more time in front line service while the front-line apparatus is out for lengthy repairs.  The new apparatus will be under a one-year bumper to bumper warranty and a five-year warranty on the engine, transmission, and pump resulting in lower repair costs during the initial years of service.
The department uses an apparatus purchasing committee made up of personnel from different ranks, expertise, and backgrounds.  The committee was tasked with developing specifications based on community needs, consistency in department operations, maintenance, longevity, and value.
The proposal was obtained from Siddons-Martin Emergency Group, the local dealer for Pierce Manufacturing Company and will be purchased through the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) government cooperative purchasing program.  HGAC’s purchasing program ensures that the costs for products have been bid properly, assisting local governments with product procurement.  The proposal includes the trade in values of a 1995 Seagrave 65’ Telesquirt, 1999 Pierce Saber Pumper, 2000 Pierce Dash 100’ Platform and a 2007 Pierce Enforcer Pumper that will reduce the overall project cost.
Approve the purchase of a Pierce Velocity 100’ Ascendant Mid-Mount Aerial Tower Ladder Truck from Siddons-Martin Emergency Group, LLC.  through the Houston-Galveston Area Council (HGAC) Cooperative Purchasing Program in the amount of $1,461,904.61.
Attachment A: Siddons-Martin Emergency Group Proposal for a Pierce Velocity 100' Ascendant Mid-Mount Aerial Tower
Attachment B: 2020 approved capital line items


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