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Meeting Date: 12/04/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon an award of bid for Waterway Fountains maintenance and supplemental aquatic pumps and motor services (C-2019-0406);
$175,600 is allocated in the Township's 2020 Town Center Operations Budget for Waterway Square Contracted Maintenance Services which is inclusive of contracted fountain maintenance at Waterway Square. $875,000 is allocated in the Township’s 2020 Town Center Operations budget for The Woodlands Waterway Contracted Maintenance, which is inclusive of the contracted fountain maintenance for the Upper and Lower Waterway Turning Basin fountains. $80,000 is allocated in the Township’s 2020 Aquatics division budget for Facility Maintenance & Repairs, which is inclusive of these contracted maintenance services for the five (5) Township spraygrounds.

The recommended award of bid will be within the total amount budgeted in 2020.  
Waterway Square Park opened to the public in 2008 and since that time has served as a focal point for the Town Center. Among the major components of the park are The Fountains at Waterway Square, which require routine, preventative and sometimes emergency maintenance. Since the opening of the fountains, the Township (and previously the Town Center Improvement District, or TCID) has contracted for certain specialized maintenance services. However, over the ten plus years, the scope of contracted services has been reduced as Township staff has developed more knowledge of the system and now performs more routine services in-house. Fountain Works is the current contractor and its initial three-year term was extended for one year per Board direction on October 18, 2018, and expires on December 31, 2019.
During the bid development process, staff added the Upper and Lower Waterway Turning Basin Fountains (conveyed in 2016) to the scope of work in the base fountain maintenance contract and annual start-up and shutdown services for the five (5) Aquatics division spraygrounds. These services were added to provide the Aquatics Division as needed contractual supplemental pump and motor services.
The Invitation for Bids (Attachment A) advertised in The Woodlands Villager on September 11, 2019, on The Woodlands Township website, and emailed to known fountain service vendors and previous bidders. A mandatory pre-bid meeting was held on September 24, 2019, with four (4) contractors in attendance.  Bids were due  October 25, 2019, and three (3) sealed bids were received. (Attachment B). A Bid Tabulation has been prepared (Attachment C) a summary of which is provided below.  The bid submitted by Fountain Works was disqualified due in part due to: 1) the required Statement of Bidder's Qualifications was not notarized; 2) The required Bid Bond (or copy of same) was not submitted. The bid included a signed and notarized a copy of the "Bid Bond Sample Form" included in the specifications, which is not an acceptable form of proof of the existence of a required bid bond; 3) The Bid submission did not include the required to be signed Conflict of Interest Questionnaire (CIQ), or a CIQ of any kind.
  Lake Management  Progressive
The Fountains at Waterway Square $15,870 $16,178
 Upper Turning Basin $11,500 $  6,227
Lower Turning Basin $  5,925 $  4,402
Spraygrounds: $  9,250 $  5,120
TOTAL ANNUAL VALUE $42,545 $31,927
The lowest most responsive bid was submitted by Progressive Commercial Aquatics at a base annual cost of $31,927.  Progressive Commercial Aquatics is a Texas company with primary offices located in the north Houston area and a strong presence in The Woodlands area. They have held the contracts for various pool and fountain projects over the past decade including the maintenance contract for The Fountains at Waterway Square from the time it was built in 2008 through 2015. Township staff remains satisfied with their responsiveness and work product in all areas and is confident in their ability to deliver positive services and results to the residents of The Woodlands Township.
Award the bid for Waterway Fountains Maintenance & Supplemental Aquatics Pump/Motor Services to Progressive Commercial Aquatics, and authorize the President/General Manager to execute any necessary agreements as approved in final form by the Township Attorney.
Attachment A - IFB Fountain Maintenance Services
Attachment C - Bid Tabulation Fountain Maintenance Services


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