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Meeting Date: 12/04/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon the Global Traffic Technologies, LLC. (GTT) Master Services Agreement to upgrade all traffic signals in The Woodlands Township with Global Positioning Systems Opticom equipment for Emergency Vehicle Priority traffic preemption (C-2019-0449);
$195,000 in 2020 Operating Budget
During the FY 2020 Budget Workshop, The Woodlands Township Board of Directors approved a budget initiative presented by fire department staff to upgrade all traffic signals in The Woodlands to GPS Opticom technology. This program places signal control devices that allow responding apparatus to change red signals to green. The system decreases response times to emergencies and increases citizen and firefighter safety.  The older infrared devices that are currently installed can take up to 5-7 minutes to recycle an intersection after they have been activated.  The newer GPS technology dramatically reduces signalization reset time to 2-3 minutes after activation.  This is a major consideration during rush hour to keep traffic moving once the fire apparatus have cleared the intersection.  The GPS controller also determines which signals will be activated based on communication received from the responding unit.  The current infrared system is limited to line of site from the apparatus to the traffic signal.
As part of the budget initiative, staff recommended entering into a ten-year lease agreement with the GPS Opticom Vendor.  Under the terms of the lease agreement, the vendor would upgrade all intersections in The Woodlands to the latest GPS technology.  The vendor would provide constant monitoring of the intersections and the department’s fleet.  Once a problem is identified, the vendor will repair or replace the damaged equipment.  This would include any type of failure including lightning or physical damage.  The upgrade will help reduce response times to emergency calls, provide a safer environment for our personnel and our citizens, and would take proper equipment operational liability from The Woodlands Fire Department.  The department will not be charged until all installations are complete.  The GPS Opticom upgrade project is estimated to be completed in the first quarter of 2020. In order to install the equipment on the poles (see related agenda items) The Township must enter into ILAs with Montgomery County, Harris County and TXDOT. 
Authorize the President/General Manger to execute (C-2019-0449) Global Traffic Technologies, LLC. Master Services Agreement for Global Positions System equipment upgrades, system monitoring and equipment repair at all traffic lights in The Woodlands Fire Department service areas as approved in final form by the Township Attorney and contingent upon Montgomery and Harris Counties approval of an Interlocal Agreement, as well as that of the Texas Department of Transportation.
Attachment A: GTT Master Services Agreement


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