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Meeting Date: 05/16/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon a briefing on the 2019 Woodlands Marathon;
The Woodlands Township, per the terms of the First Amended Host Venue Sponsorship/Partnership Agreement (Attachment A) with The Woodlands Marathon Management, LLC., (TWMM) waives the reservation and permitting fees related to the use of Township facilities, including Town Green Park,  provides a magazine article in the Community Magazine of The Woodlands, and provides 40 tents and other in-kind services in support of The Woodlands Marathon. The value of the in-kind services is approximately $4,000.  In addition, the Township provides use of the Township's Ice Rink Event Facility for the Health and Fitness Expo for a fee of $10,000. 

The Woodlands Convention and Visitors Bureau  has provided $4,500 in advertising in support of the event.   TWMM is required to donate no less than $25,000 on an annual basis to not-for-profit organizations and to guarantee 400 hotel room nights related to the event with hotels within The Woodlands.
The  Township and TWMM first entered a Host Venue Sponsorship Agreement  in 2011. The Agreement established a major marathon running competition in The Woodlands for which the Township provides the park facilities as venues for the event as well as equipment and in-kind support.  The event brings approximately 25,000 athletes, media, staff and spectators to the community and has become a qualifying race for the prestigious Boston Marathon.  In July 2016, The Woodlands Township renewed the Host Venue Sponsorship/Partnership Agreement with The Woodlands Marathon Management, LLC. (TWMM) to host The Woodlands Marathon.  The Agreement was amended in July 2018, to provide the Ice Rink Event Center for the Health Expo and other modifications to the terms (Attachment A). The ninth event was held March 2, 2019, and Race Director Willie Fowlkes will present a report on the event to the Board of Directors at the May 16 meeting.

The term of the agreement continues through March 31, 2020.  The 2020 event is scheduled for March 7, 2020. The agreement places a maximum number of participants for each Event as follows:
  • Marathon - 2,000
  • Half-Marathon - 5,000
  • Five-Kilometer race - 1,500
  • Marathon Relay - 1,500
  • Two-kilometer fun run walk - 1,000
In addition, TWMM is to guarantee 400 hotel room nights related to the event each year and donate no less than $25,000 on an annual basis to not-for-profit organizations.  
Receive the report.
Attachment A - Host Venue Sponsorship Agreement with First Amendment Woodlands Marathon
Additional Materials - The Woodlands Marathon


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