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Meeting Date: 04/18/2019  

Receive, consider and act upon the 8:00 a.m. Woodlands Express run from the Sterling Ridge Park and Ride; 
Projected forward for a 12-month period, the additional run equates to 3,133 annual riders and $40,733 of overall revenue;
The Board of Directors received a presentation on this subject at the December 15, 2018, Board of Directors Regular meeting and moved to approve an additional morning run at 8:00 a.m. from the Sterling Ridge Park & Ride (SRPR). The Board also requested a first quarter usage report. The usage report has been prepared (Attachment A) and will be presented at the April 18, 2019, Board of Directors meeting. 

The new 8: 00 a.m. run has resulted in an average ridership level of 13 passengers Monday through Thursday and 9 passengers on Fridays.
SR 8:00 am Run Passengers - Mon-Thurs
Month Daily Riders  
Jan 2019 10  
Feb 2019 14  
Mar 2019 16  
Average 13  
SR 8:00 am run passengers - Fridays
Month Daily Riders  
Jan 2019 7  
Feb 2019 11  
Mar 2019 10  
Average 9  

Projected forward for a 12-month period, this equates to 3,133 annual riders and $40,733 of overall revenue. It cannot be determined if these are new riders to the system or rather a distribution shift of riders from other runs. However, it can be reported that ridership at the SRPR has seen an overall upward trend.

Additionally, there has been an average ridership increase year over year for the Sterling Ridge Park and Ride. First quarter 2018 saw an average daily ridership at SRPR of 401. First quarter 2019 saw an average daily ridership of 444 for an overall increase of year over year daily ridership of 43 passengers.
Ridership & Revenue (Prior to 8am Run)
First Quarter 2018
Period Daily Riders  
Jan 2018 393  
Feb 2018 424  
Mar 2018  386  
 Average 401  
Ridership & Revenue (With 8am Run)
First Quarter 2019
Period Daily Riders  
Jan 2019 451  
Feb 2019 455  
Mar 2019 427  
Average 444  

This overall upward trend in SRPR ridership and adequate numbers of riders utilizing the 8:00 a.m. run indicates that so far, the pilot 8:00 a.m. run is proving successful. Additionally, it is anticipated that  ridership on this run will continue to increase in the coming months as this would follow the overall seasonal increase in ridership of the Park and Ride system. Staff recommends continuing the six-month pilot and reporting back to the Board in July. 
Continue to provide the 8:00 am Woodlands Express run. 
Attachment A - 8am Sterling Ridge Run Presentation


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