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  Consent-Community Services   # 26.       
Community Services  
Meeting Date: 09/28/2021  
Brief Title:    Wild Wings Agreement with PAI Hawk Creek Ranch LLC
From: Taro Echiburu, Director, Department of Community Services
Staff Contact: Kimberly Villa, Community Services Analyst, Department of Community Services, x8431

Approve and ratify Temporary Well Sharing, Water Line, and Access Easement Agreement with PAI Hawk Creek Ranch LLC to deliver water to the Wild Wings CSA property for the purposes of irrigation. (No general fund impact) (Echiburu/Villa)
Recommended Action
Approve and ratify Temporary Well Sharing, Water Line, and Access Easement Agreement with PAI Hawk Creek Ranch LLC to deliver water to the Wild Wings CSA property for the purposes of irrigation.
Strategic Plan Goal(s)
Sustainable Environment
County Mandated Service
Reason for Recommended Action/Background
Wild Wings CSA, located in Supervisorial District 3, has two groundwater wells: Pintail (primary well for residential/domestic use) and Canvas Back (used primarily for irrigation). Due to the drought conditions, Canvas Back went dry in June. The County was able to replace the pump to serve the community in an emergency if the Pintail well fails for any reason.  It was also used when work was completed at Pintail in July.  To preserve Canvas Back for backup domestic use, staff have been working on alternative options for providing water for irrigation while also conserving water and limiting irrigation.  The water source for irrigation during the pump replacements of Pintail and Canvas Back was from a small creek directly North of Wild Wings.  In August, the Water Resource Control Board halted diversions from the river systems.

The County received notice that pumping from the creek needed to conclude.  Staff contacted neighboring parcel owners about options of supplying irrigation resources until anticipated rain could recharge the wells.  The attached agreement was negotiated with a neighboring property owner to provide supplemental water for irrigation purposes for the Wild Wings property at a price of $260 AF, which includes electrical costs related to pumping and the easement for the pipeline across the neighboring property to the west of Wild Wings, for an anticipated total of $7,800 for 30 AF of water.  The agreement and temporary easement will terminate on December 2, 2021, unless extended by the parties.

After consultation with Supervisorial District 3, Manager of Natural Resources, County Counsel’s office, and the Wild Wings CSA Advisory Board, this agreement/option was determined to be the best option with the least potential impact on groundwater resources while longer-term solutions are evaluated.  

Staff recommends the approval of this agreement to provide water for irrigation purposes to the Wild Wings CSA.
Collaborations (including Board advisory groups and external partner agencies)
County Counsel, Wild Wings CSA Advisory Committee, Division of Natural Resources, Yolo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District
Competitive Bid Process
No competitive bid process required for this agreement.

Fiscal Impact
Fiscal impact (see budgetary detail below)
Fiscal Impact (Expenditure)
Total cost of recommended action:    $   7,800
Amount budgeted for expenditure:    $   7,800
Additional expenditure authority needed:    $  
One-time commitment     Yes
Source of Funds for this Expenditure
Explanation (Expenditure and/or Revenue)
Further explanation as needed:
The Wild Wings CSA water fund has budgeted funds for this expenditure.
Att. A. Temp Well Use Easement Agreement

Form Review
Inbox Reviewed By Date
Taro Echiburu Taro Echiburu 09/17/2021 01:03 PM
Financial Services Shelby Milliren 09/17/2021 01:56 PM
County Counsel Kimberly Hood 09/17/2021 05:37 PM
Form Started By: Kimberly Villa Started On: 09/13/2021 11:24 AM
Final Approval Date: 09/20/2021


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