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  Consent-General Government   # 9.       
County Administrator  
Meeting Date: 09/28/2021  
Brief Title:    Golden State Connect Authority JPA
From: Daniel Kim, Interim County Administrator, County Administrator's Office
Staff Contact: Alexander Tengolics, Manager of Governmental Relations, County Administrator's Office, x8068

Adopt a resolution approving and authorizing the Chair of the Board to execute the Golden State Connect Authority Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement. (No general fund impact) (Kim/Tengolics)
Recommended Action
Adopt a resolution approving and authorizing the Chair of the Board to execute the Golden State Connect Authority Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement.
Strategic Plan Goal(s)
Robust Economy
Reason for Recommended Action/Background
On August 18, 2021, the Board of Directors of Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC) voted unanimously to approve the formation of a Joint Powers Authority (JPA), the "Golden State Connect Authority", for the purpose of expanding broadband access and quality in rural counties. Following approval by the RCRC Board, the next step in establishment of this entity is to provide the Golden State Connect Authority JPA agreement to each RCRC Member County for review and approval by the Member County Boards of Supervisors.
Activities within Golden State Connect Authority will focus exclusively on broadband. All RCRC member counties are welcome and encouraged to join. There is no financial impact associated with joining the JPA, and no obligation for individual member counties to provide funds to the Authority, absent a separate agreement to participate in one (or more) of the specific programs. As with RCRC, the proposed new entity will be governed by delegate Supervisors from each member county, and day-to-day operations will be administered by RCRC staff.
The primary goals for the project structure are:
  • to ensure that elected County Supervisors retain control of the program, with day-to-day administration provided by RCRC staff,
  • to allow for partnership agreements between like-governmental entities for the operation and advancement of the program of work, and,
  • to attract public and private investment in the program, as necessary and appropriate.
Initial areas of focus for broadband work on behalf of Member Counties will include:
  • Foundational Readiness: Ensure all member counties have broadband strategic plans
  • Capacity Building: Equip rural counties with information and resources about innovative models and approaches to broadband deployment
  • Demonstration Projects: Implement open-access municipal broadband projects
Collaborations (including Board advisory groups and external partner agencies)

Fiscal Impact
No Fiscal Impact
Fiscal Impact (Expenditure)
Total cost of recommended action:    $  
Amount budgeted for expenditure:    $  
Additional expenditure authority needed:    $  
On-going commitment (annual cost):    $  
Source of Funds for this Expenditure
Att. A. RCRC Rural Broadband Initiative
Att. B. Resolution and Agreement

Form Review
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Jill Perez jcook 09/13/2021 09:12 AM
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Form Started By: Alexander Tengolics Started On: 09/13/2021 08:17 AM
Final Approval Date: 09/23/2021


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