Yolo County Housing
Yolo County, California

August 25, 2021


The Yolo County Housing met on the 25th day of August, 2021, via teleconference at 3:00 p.m. pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order N-29-20 (March 17, 2020), available at the following link.
Present: Richard Lansburgh; Quirina Orozco; Gloria Partida; Karen Vanderford; Joe Walters
Absent: Pierre Neu; Gary Sandy
Staff Present: Sandra Sigrist, Interim Executive Director
Hope Welton, Agency Counsel
Jim Gillette, Chief Financial Officer
Ryan Collins, Housing Program Manager
Tom Dogias, Real Estate Service Supervisor
Irma Jimenez-Perez, Program Supervisor
Julie Dachtler, Clerk

   1. Pledge of Allegiance
   2. Roll Call
   3. Consider approval of the agenda

Minute Order No. 21-19: Approved agenda as submitted.
MOTION: Orozco. SECOND: Partida. AYES: Lansburgh, Orozco, Partida, Vanderford, Walters. ABSENT: Neu, Sandy.

   4. Public Comment: Opportunity for members of the public to address the Housing Authority on subjects not otherwise on the agenda relating to Housing Authority business. The Board reserves the right to impose a reasonable limit on time afforded to any topic or to any individual speaker.

There was no public comment.


Minute Order No. 21-20: Approved Consent Agenda Item Nos. 5-7.
MOTION: Orozco. SECOND: Vanderford. AYES: Lansburgh, Orozco, Partida, Vanderford, Walters. ABSENT: Neu, Sandy.

   5. Review and Approve Minutes from July 28, 2021 meeting

Approved minutes from the July 28, 2021 meeting on Consent.

   6. Review and Approve Filing of Auditor Notice for the agency’s FY20/21 Financial Audit

Approved recommended action on Consent.

   7. Correspondence

There was no correspondence.

   8. Receive presentation by YCH Interim Executive Director, Sandra Sigrist, and YCH Housing Programs Manager, Ryan Collins on Safety in Public Housing West Sacramento - Update

Received presentation by YCH Interim Executive Director, Sandra Sigrist, and YCH Housing Programs Manager, Ryan Collins on Safety in Public Housing West Sacramento - Update.

   9. Brief Interim Executive Director Update

Interim ED Updates

September meeting information
  • September 1st:  In follow-up to the Commission’s July meeting request for further communication on the Migrant Center properties, specifically installation of heat, staff have set a conversation between the Commission and the Director of the California State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), and the Secretary for Business Consumer Services Housing (BCSH).  Other Migrant program-related follow-ups:
    • City of Davis is considering winter shelter services at the Davis Migrant Center for their community of individuals living homeless; this could support installation of heat in some units.
    • Staff met with Madison Fire Marshall, Paul Green, at the Madison Migrant site to review community safety concerns.  The review was positive overall; staff to follow-up on tree trimming and Yolo County Flood Control mitigation clean-up along the backside of the property. 
  • September 8th:  A Special Meeting of the Commission is scheduled to request approval of an amendment to the Public Housing Five-year Plan and Annual Update.  The information is currently posted for a 45-day public comment period.  The amendment reflects current options for repositioning/redevelopment and strategies to exit Public Housing.
  • September 22nd:  The focus for the next regular Commission meeting will be on the Public Housing repositioning/redevelopment plans.
Security Patrols at Yolano Donnelly
  • Start date is September 1st.

   10. Action items and reports from members of the Commission, including announcements and questions to be referred to staff

Commissioner Lansburgh announced the Farmer Appreciation Day to be held in Woodland on September 17, 2021 has been canceled due to COVID-19 concerns.

Next meeting is September 22, 2021 at 3:00 p.m.


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