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Meeting Date: 06/22/2022  

Consider Resolution 2022-05 authorizing the City of Woodland to provide out of agency water and sewer services to the Yolo Cold Storage Project, APN 027-270-046 located on the northeast corner of West Street and I-5 off of County Road 19A  (LAFCo No. 22-03)
Adopt Resolution 2022-05 authorizing the City of Woodland to provide out of agency water and sewer services to the Yolo Cold Storage Project, APN 027-270-046 located on the northeast corner of West Street and I-5 off of County Road 19A  (LAFCo No. 22-03).
None. LAFCo will be reimbursed for staff time associated with processing this request in accordance with the adopted fee schedule.
The Yolo County Planning Commission approved a Use Permit (Zone File No. 2021-0019) for the Yolo Cold Storage Facility to authorize construction and operation of a 224,000 square foot regional-serving cold storage facility used for the cold and dry storage of palletized agricultural commodities that require controlled temperatures to serve the region. The approval was initially for individual onsite well and septic services on a 14.89 acres parcel, however, the developer has instead pursued a connection with the City of Woodland for water and sewer service. 

City services have already been authorized and extended to the Barnard Court highway commercial on the south side of I-5 and the developer would bore these utilities under the freeway to serve this facility. The site is located within the City's sphere of influence and the City is already working on an annexation application for the Barnard Court commercial property and will now considering including this parcel on the north side of I-5 as well. In accordance with the Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Act Section 56133, the Commission may authorize the City to provide extended services outside its jurisdictional boundary to an area within its sphere of influence in anticipation of a later change of organization.
The project site is an undeveloped 14.89 acre parcel in unincorporated Yolo County. The parcel is zoned Agricultural Intensive (A-N) and is located at a freeway interchange between railroad tracks and I-5. Surrounding land uses include vacant and agricultural land to the north, I-5 to the south, agricultural land across railroad tracks to the east and I-5 to the west. The City of Woodland 2035 General Plan designates the site for Flood Study Area, but because the parcel is outside City limits, the parcel is not zoned by the City. 

This Out of Agency Services approval is consistent with Yolo LAFCo's Project Policies, specifically its Standards of Evaluation (Section 3.3) and the City of Woodland Sphere of Influence. Extended services already serve the highway commercial on the south side of I-5 on Barnard Court, would only serve the cold storage facility, and would not be considered growth-inducing. LAFCo anticipates an application for annexation later this year. The project is consistent with the Yolo County General Plan and Zoning as approved with a Use Permit. 

Water and sewer supply would be provided by the City of Woodland through connections to existing water and sewer mains in Barnard Court boring under I-5. The City of Woodland has agreed to provide services and has provided LAFCo with a will-serve letter contingent upon the developer and the City agreeing to terms for construction and connection, specifically the payment of impact fees and agreeing to future annexation. 

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires analysis of agency approvals of discretionary projects. A “Project,” under CEQA, is defined as “the whole of an action, which has a potential for resulting in either a direct physical change in the environment, or a reasonably foreseeable indirect physical change in the environment.” The proposed Out of Agency Agreement is a project under CEQA. The County of Yolo, as Lead Agency, prepared a IS/MND and identified mitigation measures that would avoid the effects or mitigate the effects to a point where clearly no significant effects would occur.  The Yolo County Planning Commission adopted the IS/MND, approved the project, and filed a Notice of Determination in accordance with CEQA. As a Responsible Agency under CEQA, LAFCo is required to accept a CEQA document as prepared by the Lead Agency and to treat the document as being legally adequate absent specified circumstances not present herein. Potential environmental impacts relating to cultural sensitivity, geology/paleontological resources, cultural/archeological resources, and greenhouse gases have been mitigated to a less than significant level. Yolo County has made the mitigation measures Conditions of Approval of Zoning File 2021-0019 to ensure such Project revisions and measures are implemented. The Mitigated Negative Declaration can be found at this link: CEQA Compliance | Yolo County.
ATT A-Reso 2022-05 Woodland OOA Yolo Cold Storage Facility 05.26.22
ATT B-City of Woodland Will Serve Letter Yolo Cold Storage 05.10.22
ATT C-Yolo County ZF2021-0019 Approval Letter

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