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Meeting Date: 12/09/2021  

Presentation of information gathered to date for the LAFCo Municipal Service Review for the 15 Fire Protection Districts (FPDs) (LAFCo #21-05). No action will be taken. 
Hear the staff presentation and any comments from FPDs and the public. Then discuss and provide staff direction as appropriate. No action will be taken. 
At the June 24, 2021 meeting, LAFCo directed staff to prioritize its MSR for the FPDs and staff is nearing the conclusion of its information gathering phase. The purpose of this item is to release the data and information collected so far to inform all the parties involved. No MSR recommendations have been developed and evaluated yet. Staff does not anticipate the complete MSR for each FPD will be ready for LAFCo consideration and action until mid to late spring 2022.
The FPD fire chiefs appointed a subcommittee to work with LAFCo staff on preparation of the MSR and have been meeting regularly. The subcommittee includes Marcus Klinkhammer (Willow Oak FPD), Curtis Lawrence (Esparto FPD), Cherie Rita (West Plainfield FPD), Dan Tafoya (Yolo FPD) and Eric Zane (Springlake FPD). The subcommittee has been vital in assisting staff with determining performance standard metrics and data sources for this MSR. 

In addition to working with the subcommittee, during October and November staff has met with most of the FPD chiefs onsite and presented an informational item to the FPD boards/commissions. There are a two remaining FPDs staff is meeting with on December 8th and 13th. Draft MSRs for each district are underway. 

This staff report serves as a cover memo to the extensive data, maps and information provided in the attachments. Staff would like to thank Yolo County GIS staff for the illustrative maps provided and Yolo County Department of Financial Services staff for synthesizing a 120,000 row excel spreadsheet of incident data into a usable summary and pivot table. 
ATT A-FPD Governance
ATT B-Population and Service Demand
ATT C-Capacity and Adequacy of Services
ATT D-Financial Resources
ATT E-What if an FPD Failed

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