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  Time Set   10.       
Meeting Date: 12/09/2021  

ZF #2021-0006: Consider a request for a Tentative Parcel Map to divide two lots with existing duplexes into four individual for-sale lots at 26253 and 26261 Woodland Avenue in the unincorporated town of Esparto (APN: 049-262-006 and -007). The project is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and CEQA Guidelines. Applicant/Owner:Chad Qi. (Planner: JD Trebec)
FILE # ZF2021-0006: Request for a Tentative Parcel Map to divide two lots with existing duplexes into four individual for-sale lots. 
Chad Qi
636 Jerome Street
Davis, CA 95616
Same as Applicant
LOCATION: 26253 and 26261 Woodland Avenue in the town of Esparto (APNs: 049-262-006 and 049-262-007)

GENERAL PLAN: Residential Medium (RM)

ZONING: Medium Density Residential (R-M)

SUPERVISORIAL DISTRICT: 5 (Supervisor Barajas)
SOILS: Developed (Yb)


Urban Unzoned
That the Planning Commission:
1.   Determine that the 'Common Sense' Exemption is the appropriate level of environmental documentation pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and Guidelines (Attachment C);
2.   Adopt the proposed Findings (Attachment D); and
3.   Approve the request for a Tentative Parcel Map in accordance with the Conditions of Approval (Attachment E).

Approval of the Tentative Parcel Map (#5217) to divide two duplex lots into four individual for-sale lots would provide more affordable housing options for the community of Esparto. The project furthers County General Plan policies by providing a mix of housing types to meet the needs of the 'missing middle', which is underrepresented in the County but in demand.

The two adjacent rental duplexes, located at 26253 and 26261 Woodland Avenue in the town of Esparto, were permitted and constructed in 2007. Both parcels are 50 feet wide and 150 feet long, and 0.17 acre in size with frontage on Woodland Avenue and an alley in the back. The duplexes were constructed front to back with the rear units having access from the alley (Attachment A). The lots are designated Residential Medium (RM) in the Countywide General Plan and Esparto Community Plan, and zoned Medium Density Residential (R-M), as are all the properties facing Woodland Avenue on the block. Residences on the north side of Woodland Avenue and across the alley to the south of the project lots are designated Residential Low (RL) and zoned Low Density Residential (R-L). The project lots are served with public water and wastewater by the Esparto Community Service District. There are separate water and sewer lines for each unit that run along the shared property boundary from the alley.

The proposed project is to divide two rental duplexes on adjacent lots into four individual for-sale lots approximately 3,600 to 3,800 square feet in size, each with an existing 1,718.5-square foot home (Attachment B). Generally, creating a new lot for the rear units would be inconsistent with Policy CC-4.18 of the Land Use and Community Character Element of the 2030 Countywide General Plan, which states that “Within Community areas, houses shall front on the street.”

As described above, the layout of the duplexes was approved in 2007, prior to the adoption of the Countywide General Plan, which placed the entrances of the rear units on the alleyway without direct access to Woodland Avenue. The proposed parcel map would remedy this current inconsistency by creating a six-foot wide concrete walkway with an overlaying access easement from Woodland Avenue to the rear units so that the two rear units have direct pedestrian access to Woodland Avenue. The walkway would stop at the northern property boundary of the rear units and not continue to the alley. A separate utility easement would run from the southern property line of the front units to the alley to allow the front units to access their respective water and sewer lines. The proposed map will also designate an additional onsite parking space for each rear unit that will be accessed from Woodland Avenue to mitigate parking encroachment on the alley.
Constructed as duplexes, each unit has a shared wall with one other unit on one side. The common walls were constructed as double walls to facilitate in the maintenance of the structure and roof of each individual unit. If approved, the developer would be required to provide the current rental residents with the first opportunity to buy the unit, giving those residents sufficient time to relocate if they do not wish to purchase the unit (reference Condition of Approval #6 in Attachment E).
The project is consistent with the Yolo County 2030 Countywide General Plan by providing additional affordable for-sale housing opportunities in the town of Esparto. The proposed project has been determined to be exempt under the California Environmental Quality Act and a Notice of Exemption will be filed (Attachment C).

 A Request for Comments was sent to local and regional agencies on March 10, 2021. Staff worked with the Public Works Division and Esparto Fire Protection District to address concerns about creating lots with alley frontage as primary access. The project was presented to the Esparto Citizens Advisory Committee on November 16, 2021. There was discussion about the type of fencing used along the new walkway from Woodland Avenue to the rear units. Concerns ranged from the height of the fence to whether nonresidents would use the walkway to access the alley. Staff explained that the walkway would stop at the boundary of the rear units and not continue to the alley. Gates would prevent the walkway from becoming a short cut to or from the alley for nonresidents. There was some concern about tall fencing restricting the walkway or creating a safety hazard, but most committee members felt that the width of the walkway was sufficient and that the fencing might be desirable to create privacy between the adjacent homes and from users of the walkway. The ECAC voted unanimously 5-0 to recommend approval of the Tentative Parcel Map to the Planning Commission. 
Any person who is dissatisfied with the decisions of this Planning Commission may appeal to the Board of Supervisors by filing with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors within fifteen (15) days from the date of the action. A written notice of appeal specifying the grounds for appeal and an appeal fee immediately payable to the Clerk of the Board must be submitted at the time of filing. The Board of Supervisors may sustain, modify, or overrule this decision.
Att. A: Location and Zoning
Att. B: Tentative Parcel Map #5217
Att C. Notice of Exemption
Att. D. Findings
Att. E: Conditions of Approval

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