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  Regular-General Government   # 44.       
County Administrator  
Meeting Date: 12/07/2021  
Brief Title:    American Rescue Plan Update
From: Mindi Nunes, Assistant County Administrator, County Administrator's Office
Staff Contact: Eric Will, ARP Project Manager, County Administrator's Office, x8157

Receive update on the American Rescue Plan process. (No general fund impact) (Nunes/Will)
Recommended Action
Receive update on the American Rescue Plan process.
Strategic Plan Goal(s)
Thriving Residents
Safe Communities
Sustainable Environment
Flourishing Agriculture
Robust Economy
Reason for Recommended Action/Background
Strategic Plan Implementation Update
With the approval of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Expenditure Plan on September 28, 2021, staff has been working to progress all areas of the plan. On November 23, 2021, staff presented an update to the Board of Supervisors on the workgroup process that will implement the priority category areas of the Expenditure Plan.  Below is a summary of efforts to date around the four areas within the Strategic Implementation bucket.

The County is working with Rural County Representatives of California to apply for grant monies to develop a broadband strategic plan. The grant award decision is expected in early 2022. County staff is also following Senate Bill 156 regarding buildout locations for broadband throughout California. These locations are being determined through a process at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in coordination with the California Department of Technology (CDT). Preliminary maps have been released of potential locations for the Middle Mile Network and staff are closely following that effort and commenting at the appropriate time periods. Phase 1 locations (consisting of 18 pilot projects) have been released but Yolo County is not yet included among those small scale projects. Staff will continue to follow this effort and expect more information from CPUC and CDT before the end of the year. 

Climate Action
Staff is currently working with the recently created Yolo Climate Action Commission (YCAC) on early actions that are compatible with ARP funding and can be implemented ahead of the Climate Action Plan, to jumpstart greenhouse gas emissions reductions. In parallel, the YCAC is working on a framework that will inform a request for proposals  (RFP) of qualified firms that will write the plan. The Climate Action Plan will include implementation project recommendations that may also be compatible with ARP funding. The Plan is anticipated to be completed by September 2023. A few of the early action planning items that are being considered include the Yolo Agricultural Equipment Retrofit Program, Yolo Organic Soil Inoculant Subsidy Program, and the Yolo County Organic Certification Support Program. Staff anticipates bringing forth additional information regarding these programs and Board approval of the YCAC recommendations in early 2022.

Economic Development
Staff plan to release a Request for Proposals (RFP) for targeted Economic Development to cover market analysis and cost-benefit analysis as it relates to existing County assets (infrastructure, land value/uses) and opportunities fo economic development. Staff plan to release the RFP in early 2022 and will return to the Board with updates on the procurement process as well as spend some time to review successful economic development programs to learn from.
Water/Wastewater Infrastructure 
Staff is currently assessing how to best leverage the $1,000,000 in water/wastewater infrastructure funding through State grant applications. Staff has submitted eight project applications to the State and is developing four more that may be ARP-eligible and leverage ARP funds as a local match. Additionally, staff in the County Administrator's Office are vetting 10 additional projects for readiness as the State continues to release new phases of funding. Staff expects to hear back from the State by March 1, 2022 regarding these initial grant applications. Furthermore, staff shall be reviewing the County's existing policy and project documents, such as the Rural Infrastructure Investment Plan, for the highest and best uses of funding.

Housing & Homelessness Workgroup Recommendations
In addition to updating the Board on the Strategic Plan Implementation projects, staff plan to provide a presentation on the Housing & Homelessness Workgroup recommendations, per the Board request at the November 23, 2021 Board meeting. A summary of the workgroups conclusion from proposal review may be found below and staff anticipates presenting additional information gathered from the cities and Yolo County Housing Authority regarding new low-income housing units planned to be built over the next several years. The workgroup is using three categories at this time to determine next steps for each proposal, including supportive of project, additional information requested, and not recommended.
Proposal Funding Request Match ARP Subcategory Workgroup Conclusion Workgroup Notes
City of West Sacramento-Yolo County Homelessness Partnership (Project Room Key/Downtown Streets Team) $3,061,462 100% Capital Investment & Emergency/Crisis Response Supportive of project  Additional work needed to ensure long-term fiscal sustainability is built into any contract or agreement if project proceeds
Paul's Place $1,700,000 Potential City Match Capital Investment Supportive of project  Yolo County staff are continuing to work with Paul's Place on some additional analysis and should an agreement move forward would need to determine support amounts and any partner matching funds
Yolo County Housing (Purchase Low-Income Rental Housing throughout County) $2,500,000 TBD Capital Investment Additional Information Needed Continued conversation with Yolo County Housing Authority required to determine feasibility
Yolo Wayfarer 4th and Hope Homeless Services $1,500,000 TBD Emergency/Crisis Response Additional Information Needed Long-term sustainability plan would need to be adopted. Recommendation is to seek other funding sources ahead of ARP.
Yolo Hospice Providing Critical Healthcare for Yolo County's Severely Ill Homeless Population $3,000,000 TBD Emergency/Crisis Response Additional Information Needed Workgroup recommendation is to look further into potential partnerships to extend coverage by this project.
Yolo County Health & Human Services Agency Collaborative Proposal $14,000,000 - $31,000,000 Potential County Match Capital Investment & Emergency/Crisis Response Additional Information Needed This was an early proposal intended to cover many different collaborative efforts throughout the County. At this time, the workgroup has requested to hold this proposal.
Yolo County Housing Authority Affordable Housing $5,000,000 N/A Capital Investment Not Recommended Yolo County Housing Authority has indicated that funding is already secured for this project. If a gap presents itself, ARP might be eligible but should be used as funding of last resort.
Yolo Interfaith Immigration Network (Rental Assistance to Immigrant Families) $15,000 N/A Emergency/Crisis Response Not Recommended  The workgroup is not recommending this project at this time but Yolo County staff have been asked to connect with YIIN and local resources.
Tese Foundation Affordable Housing $6,000,000 N/A Capital Investment Not Recommended The workgroup is not recommending this project at this time but Yolo County staff have been asked to connect with Tese Foundation and HPAC.
Deep Streets Safe and Efficient Housing Unknown N/A Capital Investment Not Recommended  None.

Staff plan to review the workgroup conclusions from their review of projects with the Board at the December 7, 2021 Board meeting and will provide additional information regarding City and Yolo County Housing Authority units that are expected to move forward over the next several years. It should be noted that while this represents the current set of proposals that the workgroup has received, there may be others that would submit or are still developing their ideas to be prepared to submit which may add additional projects and/or further geographical diversity to the projects that could be considered. Staff are not proposing to fund any of these projects at the December 7th meeting but to get an indication from the Board of those projects that staff should continue efforts on and bring back for a funding approval at a future Board of Supervisors meeting. 
Collaborations (including Board advisory groups and external partner agencies)
Many agencies
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