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  Consent-Community Services   # 19.       
Community Services  
Meeting Date: 11/23/2021  
Brief Title:    Accept Construction of the Waste Management Unit 6H Subgrade as Complete
From: Taro Echiburu, Director, Department of Community Services
Staff Contact: Jeff Kieffer, Principal Civil Engineer, Community Services, x8855

Accept as complete the construction of the Waste Management Unit 6H Subgrade at the Yolo County Central Landfill, constructed by Ford Construction, Inc. (No general fund impact) (Echiburu/Kieffer)
Recommended Action
  1. Accept as complete the construction of the Waste Management Unit 6H Subgrade at the landfill, constructed by Ford Construction, Inc.; and
  2. Authorize the Director of the Division of Integrated Waste Management to sign and record the Notice of Completion for construction of the Waste Management Unit 6H Subgrade and pay the final estimate and release retention.
Strategic Plan Goal(s)
Sustainable Environment
Reason for Recommended Action/Background
On April 6, 2021 the Board approved the plans and specification for the Waste Management Unit 6H Subgrade project, which is the first phase of the next module at the landfill.  The project was advertised for competitive bidding and a total of six bids were received on May 20, 2021.  The construction contract was awarded to Ford Construction as the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.  Construction began in July and was completed in early October.  Accepting and recording the Notice of completion will allow final project close-out.

In accordance with the project specifications, following approval of the Notice of Completion, County staff will issue a proposed final pay estimate to the contractor. The contractor will then have 30 days to approve said pay estimate or provide a written statement of all claims.  The overall project, including change orders, was within budget and staff does not anticipate any claims or issues with the proposed final pay estimate and project close-out.
Collaborations (including Board advisory groups and external partner agencies)
California regulations require an independent third party to perform construction quality assurance oversight. In this case, Geologic Associates (County agreement 20-303) provided this oversight.
Competitive Bid Process
Bids Received
Bidder Bid
Ford $2,312,261
Teichert $2,385,110
Stimple-Wiebelhaus $2,489,500
RJ Gordon $2,623,900
Granite Rock $3,366,350
Meyers Earthwork Unresponsive

Fiscal Impact
No Fiscal Impact
Fiscal Impact (Expenditure)
Total cost of recommended action:    $  
Amount budgeted for expenditure:    $  
Additional expenditure authority needed:    $  
On-going commitment (annual cost):    $  
Source of Funds for this Expenditure
Att. A. Notice of Completion

Form Review
Inbox Reviewed By Date
Taro Echiburu Taro Echiburu 11/09/2021 05:38 PM
Financial Services Shelby Milliren 11/10/2021 07:58 AM
County Counsel Kimberly Hood 11/10/2021 05:26 PM
Clint Pyeatt Clint Pyeatt 11/15/2021 12:18 PM
Elisa Sabatini Elisa Sabatini 11/16/2021 03:58 PM
Form Started By: Jeff Kieffer Started On: 10/12/2021 03:54 PM
Final Approval Date: 11/16/2021


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