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Meeting Date: 10/14/2021  

Presentation and workshop on the background and overview of the Cache Creek Area Plan. The item is for informational purposes only, and no actions will be taken.
That the Planning Commission:
  1. Hold a workshop and receive a presentation on the Cache Creek Area Plan; and
  2. Accept public comments.
The Cache Creek Area Plan (CCAP), adopted by the Yolo County Board of Supervisors in 1996, is comprised of two separate, though complimentary, plans: the Off-Channel Mining Plan (OCMP) and Cache Creek Resources Management Plan (CCRMP). The plan area is approximately 14.5 miles along both banks of lower Cache Creek, from the Capay Diversion Dam to the town of Yolo, near Interstate 5.  The CCAP underwent a comprehensive update in 2019, and the County took action to adopt a General Plan Amendment to update the CCAP on December 17, 2019, which can be referenced here: 2019 CCAP Update.

The OCMP is a scientifically based aggregate resource management plan that allows for off-channel mining adjacent to Cache Creek. It facilitated the development of a sufficient supply of aggregate to meet current and future market needs, while greatly increasing the level of environmental protection and monitoring. The OCMP identifies specific goals, objectives, and actions to guide mining activities that go well beyond the state-mandated requirements of the State Mining and Reclamation Act (SMARA).

The CCRMP is a scientifically based river management plan that eliminated in-channel commercial mining, established an "improvement program" for implementing on-going projects to improve channel stability, encouraged restoration along the creek banks pursuant to a carefully developed policy and regulatory framework, and established a framework for future recreation along Cache Creek.

The workshop scheduled for Planning Commission will provide a comprehensive overview of the CCAP program following the outline below:

1. Introduction to Workshop and Team
2. Background and History
3. CCAP Program
4. Partnerships and Fees
5. Adaptive Management
6. Flood Control
7. Aggregates and Agriculture
8. Approved Mining Application
***Commissioner Questions and 5 Minute Break***
9. Reclamation
10. Roadways
11. Applications Under Review
12. Analysis of Aggregate Demand and Supply
13. Recent Special Reports
14. Creek Restoration and Cache Creek Parkway Plan
15. Conclusion
***Commissioner Questions and Public Questions***
The presentation will take approximately two hours and will include questions and a break (if needed) at the mid-way point, and additional discussion at the end
This is an informational workshop only and does not involve formal actions or decisions of the Planning Commission.
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