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Meeting Date: 05/15/2019  
Submitted For: Wendy Ross
Department: Human Resources  

Action Requested
Human Resources - Approve adoption of Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (EEOP) for the County and for the Sheriff's Office.
Brief Explanation of Need
The U.S. Department of Justice requires that we prepare and submit Equal Employment Opportunity Plans for the County to qualify for various grants.  We are required to file one for the County as a whole and one for the Sheriff's Office.  The plans compare the demographic composition of county employment with the calculated statistical availability from the decennial United States Census.  We are also required to explain how we plan to address any deficiencies that may be identified.
Wendy Ross, Director of Human Resources and Risk Management
Source of Revenue
Have Notice/Publication Requirements Been Met
Contract or Agreement
Legal Approval Notes

Fiscal Impact
County EEOP

Legal Approval:    No- Elected Official/Director has reviewed the attached agreement/contract and determined legal review is not a requirement, or not applicable

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