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Meeting Date: 05/15/2019  
Submitted For: Donna Fagan
Department: Board of Supervisors-Prescott  

Action Requested
Board of Supervisors - Approve budget amendment to increase budgeted costs for Elected Officials Retirement Plan (EORP) legacy costs from Contingency.
Brief Explanation of Need
At the time the Yavapai County budget was adopted in 2018, pension costs for all participants in EORP were increased according to the new law passed by the State Legislature.  Subsequently, it was found that the law also created a legacy cost for all elected officials who were not participants in the closed EORP plan.  This resulted in several departments with elected officials being under budgeted.  This budget amendment would move budget capacity of $232,740.00 from Contingency to 10 departments.
Phil Bourdon, County Administrator
Source of Revenue
General Services Contingency
Have Notice/Publication Requirements Been Met
Contract or Agreement
Legal Approval Notes

Fiscal Impact
Total Cost: $232,740
Source of Revenue: Contingency Amend
Name of Account to be Paid From: Contingency
Number of Account to be Paid From: 0001030110 52906
Was this item budgeted for: no
Fiscal Impact:
0001010010 41522   $24,125   Board of Supervisors
0001210010 41522   $24,400   Assessor
0001380010 41522   $22,000   Prescott Constable
0001420010 41522   $37,325   Seligman Justice Court
0001440010 41522   $22,000   Verde Valley Constable
0001470010 41522   $1,500     Seligman Constable
0001480010 41517   $200        Bagdad Yarnell Constable
0001300010 41521   $24,190   Clerk of Court
0001350010 41521   $37,400   Superior Court
0001370010 41521   $39,600   Prescott Justice Court
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