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City Council - Regular
Meeting Date: 06/03/2019  
From: Dan Roberts

Staff recommends that City Council approve Resolution #36-19 authorizing the development and implementation of Pay-as-You-Throw and Commercial Organics Collection pilot programs for Sheridan’s residential and commercial customers.
City staff presented to City Council, during their April 8th Study Session,  a 5-year plan aimed at increasing diversion of waste from our landfill from the current 33% to potentially 50%.  The primary components of the plan was to increase residential and commercial waste diversion through a cost incentivised collection program referred to as Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) where smaller containers for waste disposal are provided to participants in exchange for lower waste collection rates. Nationally, PAYT programs have proven to be the most effective curb-side collection recycling programs toward maximizing diversion of residential and commercial waste.  

The cost to implement a city-wide PAYT program and include a commercial organics collection program was presented to City Council as requiring an average of $280K per year over the 5- year implementation period and then $240K annually thereafter to maintain the programs.  

During the May 22nd presentation to City Council on the Solid Waste Enterprise Fund FY20 budget, staff shared the cost of implementing PAYT and Commercial Organics Collection pilot programs in  FY20. The total costs, or change required to the FY20 recycling budget, was proposed to be $75k. The authorization to establish this funding in the FY20 budget and authorize staff to implement these pilot programs during FY20 have been drafted into proposed Resolution #36-19 for City Council’s consideration.

The pilot PAYT and Commercial Organics Collection programs as proposed in Resolution #36-19 are as follows:  
  • The City of Sheridan shall offer 200 single family residential and 25 commercial accounts a voluntary PAYT service as designed for the purposes of testing the success of such a program.
  • The City of Sheridan shall provide up to 25 front-load containers to participating commercial accounts for the purpose of collecting and evaluating the introduction of organic food waste to the current green waste composting program.
  • The proposed timeline to design, implement and evaluate are as follows:
    • June 15 - July 31, Design pilot programs and determine proposed rates
    • August 12, Present and confirm plan designs during the City Council Study Session
    • August 1 - September 30, Identify and notify the pilot program participants and order the containers (8 week delivery time) needed
    • October 1 - October 15, Delivery and assembly of containers
    • November 1 - April 30, Operate the pilot program to collect data
    • April 15th - May 1, Analyze the data and conduct a satisfaction survey of participants
    • May 11, Report to Council at the regularly scheduled Study Session
The FY20 Recycling Division operations budget will require adjustment as described below in order to provide $75K in funding to conduct the pilot studies:
Account Description Account No. FY20
Temporary Services Labor 52.6095.4651 $148,000 $168,000
Non-Capitalized Equipment 52.6323.4651 $65,000 $101,000
Software Expense 52.6325.4651 $4,600 $8,600
Professional Services 52.6340.4653 $24,500 $39,500
Capital Outlay - Improvements 52.6540.4353 $0 $0
  Total $242,100 $317,100

Resolution #36-19 as prepared and presented for City Council’s consideration defines PAYT and Commercial Organics Collection pilot programs that the City of Sheridan can offer to its citizens and commercial customers. With City Council’s approval, city staff will take measures to move forward with final development and implementation of the programs as outlined.

Resolution #36-19

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