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  AGENDA ITEM NO. K.4.       
Meeting Date: 06/16/2020  

Consideration of the use of the state's Fiscal Year 20/21 Citizens' Option for Public Safety Program Funds for the purpose of ensuring public safety (Police Chief Catren)

If the City Council determines that staff's recommendation is appropriate, the following motion is provided:

I move to approve use of the state's FY 20/21 Citizens' Option for Public Safety Program Funds for the purpose of ensuring public safety.

Staff recommends that Council approve the use of the state's FY 20/21 Citizens' Option for Public Safety Program Funds for the purpose of ensuring public safety.

In Fiscal Year 2000/2001, AB 1913 (Schiff-Cardenas Crime Prevention Act of 2000) was enacted as part of the state budget package. The bill modified the Citizens’ Option for Public Safety (COPS) AB 3229 program. COPS is an ongoing program that provides funding for local agencies for the purpose of ensuring public safety.

In October 2001, SB 736 was passed guaranteeing the COPS program will continue to be funded. The current state budget act again allocated funds to the Citizens’ Option for Public Safety (COPS) program. The city must establish a separate Supplemental Law Enforcement Services Fund (SLESF) for deposit of these funds.The SLESF must be an interest bearing account with monthly transfers to the operating program budget to the extent necessary to facilitate appropriations and expenditures. The funds must be used for front line municipal police services and must supplement, not supplant, existing funding for police services. The City Council must consider the written request for the use of Citizens' Option for Public Safety funds separate and apart from proposed allocations from the general fund. After approval by the governing board of a municipality, the request shall be forwarded to the County Board of Supervisors prior to the dispersal of the funds.   

The City of Redlands will receive SLESF funds for FY 20/21, and the requested use of funds are as follows:

One Full-Time Community Service Officer
The police department relies heavily on the work of our civilian community service officers. Although they serve many functions in the department, their role in patrol is essential to providing the exceptional service that the community has come to expect. Patrol community service officers respond to calls for service where a crime has been committed in the past and no suspect is on scene. In addition to investigating crimes, they perform important forensic work that aids in solving crimes. The FY 20/21 budget cut all patrol community service officers. This position will have primary responsibility in the area of patrol, but will also be able to perform other duties as assigned in the absence of another community service officer.

One Part-Time Community Service Officer
This position will be assigned to fleet management; a position not currently budgeted for in the FY 20/21 budget.

One Full-Time Property and Evidence Technician
The proper maintenance of evidence and property is a core function of a police department and must be undertaken with great care and diligence. The position is not currently budgeted for in the FY 20/21 General Fund budget. This position will be assigned to property and evidence, where under general supervision, they will perform difficult and highly responsible duties related to the processing, storage, and retrieval of evidence and property in the custody of the police department; follow established procedures to maintain and validate chain of custody of all items of evidence; ensure hazardous items and substances are stored properly in accordance with department procedures and applicable federal and state regulations; transport all evidence that needs to be tested to respective crime labs, and perform related duties as assigned.

One Thousand (1,000) Hours for Background Investigations
The current FY 20/21 General Fund budget does not include any funding for performing background investigations of potential employees and volunteers. Backgrounds are an important part of ensuring that only the most trustworthy and ethical employees are brought into the police department. Backgrounds are also important to ensure that the department is in compliance with the California Peace Officer Standards in Training (POST). This funding would allow for a limited number of hours to ensure that proper backgrounds are conducted.

Flock annual subscription expense. Flock Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) systems are high-speed camera systems that photograph license plates, convert the numbers and letters into machine-readable text, tag them with the time and location, and upload that data into a database for retrieval. This database will then be accessible to all law enforcement agencies in California.  Regionally, law enforcement agencies that use Flock ALPR compare plates to a "hot list" of plates suspected of being connected to violent crimes, child abduction, and terrorist activity.  Cities throughout San Bernardino County are already participating in Flock ALPR information sharing and have proven to be very successful. 
Drone 3D mapping software for crime scene and accident reconstruction.  The current LiDAR technology we use takes approximately 4-5 hours to recreate a crime scene or traffic collision scene. With new 3D drone mapping software, a crime scene or traffic collision can be reconstructed in approximately 20-25 minutes saving staff time that can be allocated to other high-priority services.
Cellebrite Pathfinder eliminates the time-consuming manual review of cell phone digital data. It is a force multiplier that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to automatically identify patterns, reveal connections, and uncover leads with greater speed and accuracy thus saving critical time on investigations.  Pathfinder will benefit all the units within the police department from the simple investigation to internet crimes against children and human trafficking.  Other law enforcement agencies have seen a 35% time savings on analyzing cell phone data. The initial cost for Pathfinder is $6,985.00 with a yearly maintenance expense of $4,700.00.

Non-Lethal training ammunition and five handgun conversions kits by Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM), which allows officers to ‘train as they fight’ for the most realistic, force-on-force training possible.

Full face shield equipment is required during force on force training and will prevent injury during training. 

Metal shooting targets will be used during training and will replace paper targets. 

Drone batteries for back-up and replacement of old batteries. 

Drone propeller guards will allow drones to be flown in tight areas and prevent damage to drones.
Fixed Assets:
Two DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Drones. RPD has recently expanded the drone program because of the success the program has shown since being implemented.  RPD currently does not have any drones equipped with thermal imagery or a speaker. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s helicopter is not always readily available. The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise drone is equipped with thermal imagery and a speaker. This will allow officers to search for suspects hiding from officers and will allow officers to talk to suspects through the speaker improving both officer and community safety.  
Virtual reality force option training simulator for law enforcement. This technology pays lifesaving dividends by helping train law enforcement officers to remain composed and responsive in the most stressful situations. Officers will be trained in less lethal options, de-escalation of force, and proper verbal interaction with potential suspects and victims.  The simulator will also provide officers a huge library of video scenarios that hone muscle memory and prepare officers for threatening situations. 
Total Estimated Cost from SLESF Funds: $351,202.00

Do not authorize the use of the COPS SLESF funds.

Christopher R. Catren, Chief of Police

Charles M. Duggan Jr., City Manager

Daniel J. McHugh, City Attorney
Janice McConnell, Assistant City Manager
Danielle Garcia, Management Services/Finance Director

Stephen W. Crane, Commander

Fiscal Impact
Fiscal Year: 2020-2021
Revenue Generating: No
Appropriation Required Y/N: No
Amount: $351,202
Budgeted Y/N: Yes
Account No.: 249200 varies/25009
These funds were requested in the FY 20/21 SLESF budget proposal as part of the regular budget process.


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