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  AGENDA ITEM NO. I.1.       
Meeting Date: 06/16/2020  

Resolution Nos. 8093 AND 8094
(Mayor to declare meeting open as a public hearing)
  1. PUBLIC HEARING to consider Resolution No.8093 -  Calling a special election of the question of levying special taxes within the territory to be annexed to Community Facilities District No. 2004-1; and
  2. PUBLIC HEARING to consider Resolution No. 8094 - Declaring results of special election of Annexation No. 22 to Community Facilities District No. 2004-1 (Municipal Utilities and Engineering Director Chow)
  1. Mayor opens Public Hearing.
  2. Mayor asks City Clerk if Notice of the Hearing has been published and mailed as required by law.
  3. Mayor calls for report from the Municipal Utilities and Engineering Department with regard to the Annual Levy of Special Taxes within the Annexing Territory to Pay Costs of the Maintenance of Parkways within and in the area of the property and the Community Facilities District.
  4. Mayor asks the City Clerk if she has received any written protests regarding the proposed Annexation.
  5. Mayor asks if City Clerk agrees to hold the special election within the annexing territory on June 16, 2020.
  6. Mayor closes Public Hearing.
  7. The City Council may adopt the following Resolution:  
    Resolution Calling Special Election on the Question of Levying Special Taxes within the Territory Proposed to be annexed to Community Facilities District No. 2004-1.
  8. City Clerk conducts Special Election and Announces Results of Canvass of Votes Cast.
  9. City Council adopts Resolution Declaring Results of Special Election.

If the City Council determines that staff's recommendation is appropriate, the following motions are provided:
  1. I move that the City Council approve Resolution No. 8093.

    "Mayor to request City Clerk to conduct Special Election and announce results of canvass of votes cast"; and
  2. I move that the City Council approve Resolution No. 8094.

Staff recommends the Mayor conduct the annexation proceeding in accordance with the above "Mayor's Agenda," and City Council adopt Resolution Nos. 8093 and 8094.

On May 5, 2019, City Council approved Resolution No. 8064 to commence with the annexation proceedings for Alabama Park Owner, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, Parcel Map No. 19981, to Community Facilities District No. 2004-1 (CFD) for the purposes of performing maintenance of parkways within and adjacent to the parcel map. Additionally, at that meeting, a public hearing was set for June 16, 2020, regarding the annexation of approximately 7.74 acres of land located at the northwest corner of Alabama Street and Park Avenue. At the conclusion of the public hearing, City Council will consider adopting Resolution No. 8093 scheduling a special election within the territory to be annexed. Resolution No. 8094 schedules the special election for June 16, 2020, immediately following the public hearing.

Alabama Park Owner, LLC requested the annexation of its property to the CFD and delivered to the City Clerk a written waiver consenting to the special election being conducted by the City Clerk on June 16, 2020. City Clerk consented to conduct the special election being held on that date.

Immediately following the adoption of Resolution No. 8093, the property owners will deliver voted ballots to the City Clerk. The City Clerk will then canvass the voted ballot(s) and report the results of the election to the Council. The Council will then consider the adoption of Resolution No. 8094, declaring the results of the election, which will complete the annexation of the property to the CFD.

The adoption of Resolution Nos. 8093 and 8094 are not subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) pursuant to CEQA Guidelines Section 15061(b)(3), as the adoption of these Resolutions does not have the potential for causing a significant effect on the environment.

CFD 2004-1 has had multiple annexations in the past 15 years which are listed in Attachment "L".

The Council may choose to deny the request to annex property into CFD No. 2004-1, however, another funding source for the maintenance of the parkways will need to be identified.


Not applicable.
Rudolph S. Chow, P.E., Municipal Utilities and Engineering Director

Charles M. Duggan, Jr., City Manager

Daniel J. McHugh, City Attorney
Janice McConnell, Assistant City Manager
Danielle Garcia, Management Services/Finance Director
Chris Boatman, Facilities and Community Services Director
Goutam Dobey, Engineering Manager
Ross Wittman, Senior Project Manager

Donald P. Young, One Stop Permit Center Manager

Fiscal Impact
Budgeted Y/N: NA
There is no fiscal impact to the City as all costs are borne by the property owner.
Attachment A - Resolution No. 8064 - Resolution of Intent
Attachment B - Ballot Pamphlet
Attachment C - Official Ballot
Attachment D - Project Location Map
Attachment E - Reso. 8093 Calling Election - Redlands CFD 2004-1 Annex No. 22
Attachment F - Reso 8094 Declare Results of Election Annex 22
Attachment G - Notice of Hearing - Redlands CFD 2004-1 Annex No. 22
Attachment H - Boundary Map
I. Affidavit Proof of Publication
Attachment J - SIGNED REDLANDS CFD 2004-1 ANNEX 22 - Waiver for Alabama Park Owner, LLC-c1
Attachment K - Voter Certification from County of San Bernardino - Annex 22
Attachment L - Annexations list


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