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Meeting Date: 09/16/2020  
From: Daniel Gho

Approve a Resolution authorizing the City Manager to enter into an agreement with the California Natural Resource Agency to allocate grant funds for the Point Pinos Trail Project in an amount of $381,922.


This Point Pinos Trail project comprises of 0.8 mile stretch of coastline in the City of Pacific Grove generally known as Point Pinos. Currently, the California Coastal Trail (CCT) exists along the entire coast of the City of Monterey and along three of the four miles of the City of Pacific Grove’s coast, except at Point Pinos. The Point Pinos Trail Project will complete the CCT in this 0.8-mile segment by developing  a 5-foot wide decomposed granite coastal trail within a natural setting seaward of Ocean View Boulevard. The coastal trail will connect from the existing curb side trail near Acropolis Street west and extend to the Great Tidepool site. The project locates the trail outside the 30-year coastal retreat setback line, except where moving the trail beyond this line is constrained by Ocean View Boulevard. In these cases, the trail will be along the north side of the road, such as along Crespi Pond.


Since the project’s inception in 2012, as a concept by the Recreation Board, tremendous progress has been made. Project milestones include:

  • Completion of the Point Pinos Trail Plan and Coastal Study (June 2017)

  • City Council approval of the Mitigated Negative Declaration (December 6, 2017)

  • Receipt of a Coastal Development Permit Waiver from the California Coastal Commission (April 11, 2018)

  • Completion of construction drawings and specifications (February 7, 2020)

Construction cost for the Point Pinos Trail Project is $2.4 million. This is the actual construction cost from Monterey Peninsula Engineering received through the RFP process on June 9, 2020.  Award of the contract will come before the City Council at a future date.  Additional construction management for a project of this magnitude will cost about $200,000.  Total project cost, including contingency and construction management, will be roughly $2.8 million.  

The City has successfully obtained $1.8 million in grant funding from the California Coastal Conservancy, and just recently, an additional $382,000 from the Transportation Agency of Monterey County. Through the 2020/21 Capital Improvements Program the City Council has allocated $250,000 from the general fund.  To date the City has secured just over $2,400,000 for the project.  

To make up the remaining balance the City of Pacific Grove has applied for a $382,000 grant through the California Natural Resource Agency Recreational Trail and Greenway Grant Program.  This competitive grant has three steps that each applicant must successfully pass before grants are awarded.  The City of Pacific Grove has advanced to the third and final step of the grant process.  The final step requires that the City Council approve a resolution authorizing execution of the grant agreement and specifying the City will allocate the necessary funding to complete and maintain the project.  Approval of this resolution is a necessary administrative step that completes our requirements for step three in the grant approval process and advances the project towards the final approval stage.
  1. Do nothing. 
  2. Do not approve the Resolution
By approving this resolution, the City will be provided the opportunity to finalize the necessary funding to begin construction of the Point Pinos Trail Project.  Staff plans to initiate a budget amendment to update the project revenues and expenses, if funding is awarded. 

The current project budget includes a General Fund allocation to the Capital Improvement Program at an amount of $250,000.  All other funding sources for the project are derived from grants.
GOAL ALIGNMENT: Complete Streets: Plan, design and implement streets, sidewalks and transportation networks.
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