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Meeting Date: 09/16/2020  
From: Leticia Livian

Hold a second reading and adopt an ordinance to amend the salary classification schedule to add salary ranges for Community Service Officer.
There have been no changes since the first reading.

Pursuant to Charter Article 25 and the Pacific Grove Municipal Code (PGMC) Section 4.20.280, approval and amendment to the salary schedule must be adopted by the City Council.  However, due to extraordinary circumstances related to the pandemic, the City Manager is authorized to directly mitigate effects of the local emergency proclaimed by Resolution 20-007. The City Manager authorized suspension of the requirements to add a new classification to the salary schedule.  This allows for immediate recruitment and transfer of current personnel to this new classification, Community Service Officer. This ordinance sets forth the procedural steps to recognize and ratify the City Manager's emergency action.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a much greater demand has been placed on sworn police personnel regarding health and safety enforcement.  An increase in tourism and a decrease in personnel work hours due to work furloughs have also stretched police personnel thin. 

The City’s Police Department has non-sworn classifications that are specific in scope, Animal Control Officer and Parking Enforcement Officer.  Neighboring cities have combined the tasks of these positions into a broader classification, Community Services Officer (CSO).  Staff is requesting the addition of Community Services Officer to the City's classifications to allow the City more flexibility in assigning tasks and managing workload related to the pandemic. 

The Community Services Officer classification may perform the following tasks:
  • Patrol the City on foot and motorized vehicle;
  • Respond to calls for service not requiring a sworn Police Officer;
  • Handle telephone and counter reports for property crimes;
  • Enforce parking and Municipal Code violations;
  • Education and enforcement of the State and County health and safety orders;
  • Perform parking functions including collection of coins;
  • Direct traffic and provide crowd control;
  • Provide general police records and administrative assistance;
  • Animal Control enforcement and functions including maintaining kennels and verifying licenses; and
  • Any other tasks as determined appropriate by the Chief of Police.
Moreover, the addition of this new classification will allow sworn Police Officers to focus on emergency calls for service. 
Staff in the current Animal Control, Parking Enforcement and Police Service Technician positions will have the ability to voluntarily transfer to the new classification, which will allow for immediate staffing of this position.  The Police Department will also recruit for seasonal part-time positions to offer further support to health and safety enforcement. The additional salary cost may be offset by CARES Act funding if allocated by Council.
The proposed hourly salary range for Community Service Officer is outlined below. 
Classification Step Step Step Step Step Step Step
  1A 2B 3C 4D 5E 6F 7G
Community Service Officer $25.91 $27.20 $28.56 $29.99 $31.49 $32.67 $33.89

Current hourly salary range for Animal Control Officer, Parking Enforcement Officer and Police Services Technician is outlined below.
Classification Step Step Step Step Step Step Step
  1A 2B 3C 4D 5E 6F 7G
Animal Control Officer 25.30 26.63 27.95 29.35 30.83 31.98 33.18
Parking Enforcement Officer 24.36 25.58 26.86 28.20 29.62 30.73 31.88
Police Services Technician $25.91 $27.20 $28.56 $29.99 $31.49 $32.67 $33.89

  1. Take no action
  2. Provide alternative direction to staff.
The annual cost related to the reclassification of the CSO positions is $13,700; and $7,500 for a half time CSO position with funding through December.  

The total projected impact to the General Fund for Fiscal Year 20/21 budget is estimated at $18,900.  Staff has an item on this same agenda related to CARES Act funding.  The FY 20/21 impact to the General Fund could be reduced to $6,900, if Council chooses to allocate CARES Act funds to partially support this transition.
GOAL ALIGNMENT: Not Applicable.
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