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Meeting Date: 09/16/2020  
From: Daniel Gho

Authorize the City Manager to amend the FY19/20 sanitary sewer maintenance services agreement with Greenline Liquid Waste Haulers for an additional $3,900.

The City of Pacific Grove’s sanitary sewer collection system comprises 59 miles (314,435 linear feet) of sewer lines and approximately 900 manholes. The sanitary sewer lines range in size, from 4” to 18” in diameter, and consist of various materials including vitrified clay pipe (VCP), reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and cast iron (CI) pipes.


Maintenance of the sanitary sewer system is vital to ensure longevity, proper operation, and to minimize overflows. The sanitary sewer maintenance services agreement with Greenline Liquid Waste Haulers (Greenline) allows the City to complete vital sewer system maintenance activities. Services rendered under this agreement include cleaning the sewer lines and manholes, tree root removal, and removal and disposal of any solids, sludge, grit, grease, sand, pieces of broken pipe, and any other debris.


Since 2013, the City has utilized Greenline for sanitary sewer maintenance services. The FY19/20 agreement was executed for an amount not to exceed $350,000.  This amount was exceeded by $3,900 dollars.  


The excess in expenditures arose from vital maintenance activities and actions to support the City’s sewer infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) projects.  In FY19/20, Greenline performed maintenance of the entire sanitary sewer system, all 59 miles of sewer lines, twice. Greenline also cleaned all  “hotspots,” which are identified areas of concern, up to five times.  This level of diligent and systemwide cleaning has greatly reduced the City’s sanitary sewer overflows. In FY19/20, only 5 minor spills were reported and no overflows reached any bodies of water.  Additionally, prior to engineering CIP sewer infrastructure improvement projects, Greenline cleaned selected sewer lines in order to facilitate CCTV footage to assess the condition of the lines slated for repair/replacement.


Due to the above noted activities, the City has exceeded the $350,000 Greenline agreement by $3,900.  The agreement must be amended to ratify the $3,900 of expenses.

  1. Do nothing.

As a part of the FY20/21 budget, $350,000 was allocated from the Sewer Fund for the sanitary sewer maintenance services. If ratified, the additional $3,900 will also be derived from the Sewer Fund.  There is sufficient funding within this enterprise account to accommodate the additional allocation.

If approved, an ordinance will be prepared within the first quarter of this fiscal year to amend the budget.

GOAL ALIGNMENT: Environmental Stewardship: Adopt and develop policies and ordinances that preserve and protect the environment.


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