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AI-9921 3.I.       
Meeting Date: 10/03/2018  
subaward #PA-06-TX-4332-PW-02700 (Briscoe King Boardwalk)
Submitted By: Natalie Eckstrom, Grants Department
Department: Grants Department  

Ratify the acceptance of a public assistance subaward #PA-06-TX-4332-PW-02700 (Briscoe King Boardwalk) from the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM).
Hurricane Harvey was assigned DR Number 4332 for damages sustained during the incident. As a result, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) authorized funds under the Public Assistance Program. FEMA filters the funds through the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM). The Public Assistance Program is a reimbursement program that provides funding to eligible applicants who have suffered damages as a result of a Presidential disaster declaration and whose damages are within a designated area for Public Assistance. Funding under this program is limited to repairing or replacing damaged items/facilities to their pre-disaster condition at the approved cost share. Additional funding may be provided once all other financial offsets have been exhausted (ex: insurance; cash donations; other grant awards). 
Nueces County submitted several eligible projects to FEMA representatives. For Briscoe King Park, there were damages including roofing shingles of several of the gazebos being damaged by high winds. There were also missing railings at walkways and missing siding to some of the buildings in the area. This award reimburses the County for the cost of repairs that have already been completed.

Subaward #PA-06-TX-4332-PW-02700 is in the amount of $11,280. The federal cost share amount (75%) is $10,152 and the County’s share amount (25%) is $1,128.

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subaward #PA-06-TX-4332-PW-02700 (Briscoe King Boardwalk)


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