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AI-13841 2.N.       
Meeting Date: 07/21/2021  
Assignment Agreement LNV to Ardurra
Submitted By: Maria Medrano, Grants Department
Department: Grants Department  

Authorize the execution of an Assignment Agreement between the County of Nueces, LNV Inc., and Ardurra Group, Inc.
1295 Form Certificate Numbers have been filed with the Texas Ethics Commission:
1. Contract No. 20150146: #2021-767789
2. Contract No. 20190523: #2021-767790
3. Contract No. 20200352: #2021-767791
4. Contract No. 20200351: #2021-767792
5. PO No. 369536: #2021-767793
6. Contract No. 20200353: #2021-767794
On January 31, 2020, LNV Inc. was acquired by Ardurra Group Inc.  LNV Inc. holds several open engineering services contracts with the County. LNV Inc. is now invoicing under Ardurra Group, Inc. so in order for the County to process those invoices, the County needs to assign all LNV Inc. contracts to Ardurra Group, Inc. via an Assignment Agreement. Exhibit A of the Agreement lists the contracts being assigned to Ardurra Group, Inc. A Form 1295 certificate is on file for each contract. The County has also been provided with an updated HB 89 Boycott Verification.

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