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AI-12139 3.B.1.       
Meeting Date: 07/15/2020  
Jail Elevators 7 & 8 Door Operations
Submitted For: Juan Pimentel Submitted By: Annette Mouttet, Public Works
Department: Public Works  

Discuss and consider repair Work Order for jail Elevator Doors 7 and 8 under Omnia Partners Contract No. TX-R150801-307241 with Thyssenkrupp Elevator Corporation.  Repairs will be to furnish and install a door operator conversion kit on Jail Elevators 7 and 8, new stainless steel car doors and installation of roller guides. 
Jail Elevators 7 and 8 were modernized in 2008 however these elevators have had numerous services calls for door related issues.  The door operator conversion kit is an option to convert older door operators (MAC) to "closed loop" door operators.  A closed loop door operator relays information to the elevator controller instead of working as an independent system which will  provide a reliable door operating system.

New stainless steel car doors on both elevators will be installed. 

Roller guides will be installed and will provide a smoother and quieter ride.
The installation of door operator conversion kit on Jail Elevator 7 and 8 and with new car doors on both elevators will improve the reliability of the elevators from repeated service calls on door issues. 

Installation of roller guides will provide a smoother and quieter ride.
Purchase in the amount of $149,720.56.

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Source of Funds: 2019 Tax Notes Amount Requested: $149,720.56 Fiscal Year: FY19/20
Fiscal Impact:
Capital Project Budget Order #86 - $149,720.56
Project# 19231003 - Jail Elevators
Jail door Elevators 7 & 8


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