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AI-12024 4.A.13.       
Meeting Date: 05/27/2020  
Discuss and consider approval of order under Section 262.024 TLGC; ratify purchase
Submitted By: Michael Robinson, Purchasing Department
Department: Purchasing Department  

Discuss and consider approval of order granting an exemption under Section 262.024 under Texas Local Government Code; ratify purchase of thermal scanners from RS Technologies, LLC for use in county facilities in response to COVID-19.
RS Technologies, LLC representatives performed a site inspection and recommended the County would require thermal scanners at both entrances to the Courthouse atrium areas and an additional thermal scanner for the Nueces County Main Jail.  Thermal scanning technology is capable of identifying visitors who may have an active infection, thereby preventing the continued spread of COVID-19.  Section 262.024(2) of the Texas Local Government Code provides that an item necessary to preserve or protect the public health or safety of the residents of the county is exempt from competitive bidding.  State and local disaster declarations remain in place and the Nueces County Judge, as the Emergency Manager Director for the County is responsible for meeting the dangers to the County and people presented by disasters, authorized the purchase of thermal scanners being an item necessary to preserve and protect the public health of the residents of Nueces County.
Purchase in the amount of $100,500 will be paid by COVID-19 Project 010402 funds.

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Disaster Recovery - COVID-19
Department #0104
Project# 01042005 - Testing and Monitoring
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RS Technologies LLC - PO367510


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