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AI-11584 3.T.       
Meeting Date: 01/22/2020  
Authorize purchase with Castro Roofing for safety measure.
Submitted By: Rita Martinez, Public Works
Department: Public Works  


Authorize TIPS Contract No 170201 cooperative purchase with Castro Roofing for safety measure around the Nueces County Courthouse and a condition assessment of the buildings Adhered Stone Veneer.

The Nueces County Courthouse has been experiencing frequent exterior stone facade wall tile falling onto the 3rd floor roof and terrace.
In order to avoid injury or damages, canopies and fall protection structure have been installed in various areas around the courthouse. Public Works recommends award of this proposal for labor and equipment of these structure for duration of 12 months, stating February 1, 2020 and ending on February 1, 2021 and the assessment of the Adhered Stone Veneer.
Phase 1 – Safety Measure (12 month rental)                               $190,244.71
Phase 2A – Condition Assessment of Adhered Stone Veneer       $23,465.00
Purchase in the amount of $213,709.71.  
Form 1295 Certificate No 2020-577952 has been filed with the Texas Ethics Commission.

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Fund Transfers
Source of Funds: 2019 Tax Notes Amount Requested: $213,709.71 Fiscal Year: FY19/20
Fiscal Impact:
Project # 19231006 - Exterior Courthouse Repairs - Safety Measures
$190,244.71 - Phase #1 - Life/Safety
Project# 19231007 - Exterior Courthouse Remediation 
$23,465.00 - Phase #2A - Assess Conditions of Adhered Stone Veneer

New Projects - PBCO #78
Castro Roofing NC Phase 1 - Life/Safety
Castro Roofing NC Phase 2A - Assess Conditions Of The Adhered Stone Veneer
HB89 Form - Castro Roofing


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