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AI-13020 2.Z.       
Meeting Date: 01/20/2021  
Authorize execution of agreement Amend. No. 1, IFB No. 3061-17 for NC Airport Multi-Aircraft Hangar
Submitted By: Michael Robinson, Purchasing Department
Department: Purchasing Department  

Authorize execution of the Agreement Amendment No. 1 for IFB No. 3061-17 Nueces County Airport Multi-Aircraft Hangar Lease Agreement with David R. Headley.
The Nueces County Commissioners Court has for lease a 4,800 square foot Multi-Aircraft Hangar, herein “Hangar”. The Hangar has 4 sliding doors that hang from the top and slide left to right. Also included in the Hangar is a sink with running water and commode. The Hangar is located at the Nueces County Airport, 957 Wings Drive, Robstown, TX 78380, herein “Airport”. The Minimum Bid amount that the County will accept for this Hangar lease is $700.00 month. County pays all water utilities at this time. Awarded Bidder is responsible for electric utilities. The term of the lease is for a three (3) year period, with an option to extend the lease term for an additional two (2) year period with one hundred-twenty (120) days prior written notice exercising the option to extend. Said rent is payable in monthly installments. Bidder agrees and acknowledges that the lease and the demised premises is subject to all existing easements and restrictions affecting the occupation and use thereof, and subject to all statutes, ordinances, commissioners court order(s) and rules and regulations of competent governmental authority affecting the occupancy and use thereof, in force now and subsequently during the term of this lease and any renewals of this lease.

Agreement Amendment No. 1 is the renewal option of the additional two (2) year period through February 6, 2023.
Debarment Statement and HB 89 Verification is attached and Form 1295 Certificate No. 2021-705256 has been received.

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Agreement Amendment No. 1 - IFB No. 3061-17


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