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AI-9804 1.J.       
Meeting Date: 09/12/2018  
Adoption of the 2018-2019 Nueces County Budget.
Submitted For: Kristen Talamantez, Director
Submitted By: Tyner Little, Commissioners Court Admin
Department: Commissioners Court Admin  

Discuss and consider adoption of the 2018-2019 Nueces County Budget as follows:

1.  Adopt contractual obligations as follows:
     a. Continuance Pay 2.5% - (163) employees
     b. NCSOA & Constable Collective Bargaining Agreement Increase
     c. TCDRS - Retirement System Increase at Current Benefit Levels
     d. Voting Equipment Maintenance

2.  Adopt increase of $1,000,000 for Tax Valuation Suit Contingency

3.  Adopt 2% increase on Group Health Insurance (1%-Employer & 1%-Employee)

4.  Adopt 2% Cost of Living Increase (COLA)

5.  Adopt new positions as follows:
     a. Building Maintenance worker I (Jail) - Mechanical Maintenance
     b. Construction Project Inspector - Building Superintendent
     c. Associate Judge - Magistrate DWI/Drug Court (Part-Time)
     d. Senior Clerk - District Clerk
     e. Crime Data Clerk - County Sheriff
     f. Deputy Constable I - Constable Pct. #3
     g. Autopsy Tech. - Medical Examiner
     h. Legal Secretary II - District Attorney
     i.  Health Promotions Coordinator (2) - 1115 Waiver
     j.  Asst. Health Promotions Coordinator (2) - 1115 Waiver

6.  Adopt deletion of a Bldg. Maintenance Tech (Mechanic) position from the
     Building Superintendent Department and a Temp-Autopsy Technician position from the
     Medical Examiner Department.

7.  Adopt reclassifications including salary increases, title changes,
     and/or reduction of hours on the following positions:
     a. Mechanic Maintenance Worker II - Building Superintendent
     b. Secretary II (Part-Time) - County Clerk
     c. Chief Deputy - County Clerk
     d. Election & Records Manager - County Clerk Elections
     e. Election Coordinator - County Clerk Elections
     f.  Election Clerk - County Clerk Elections
     g. Election Technician - County Clerk Elections
     h. Senior Administrative Clerk - Tax Assessor-Collector
     I.  Information Systems Specialist - Tax Assessor-Collector
     j.  Director, Personnel - Human Resources
     k. Benefits Coordinator - Human Resources
      l. GL System Programmer - County Auditor
    m. GL System Supervisor Auditor - County Auditor
     n. Building Maintenance Worker I (3) - Hilltop Facility
     o. Building Maintenance Worker II - Hilltop Facility
     p. Associate Judge (Part-Time) - CCAL No. 5
     q. Associate Judge (2) - Magistrate/DWI Drug Court
     r. Medical Examiner Office Administrator - Medical Examiner Office

8.   Adopt salary reclassification for the Inland Parks and Coastal Parks Director

9.   Adopt salary reclassification for the Tax Assessor-Collector and District Clerk to the
      same base salary as the County Clerk

10.  Adopt 30 day hiring freeze excluding Law enforcement, DA Office Attorneys &
       Juvenile Pre/Post Adjudication officers

11.  Adopt countywide budget cuts with a goal of achieving $1,000,000 in budget savings

12.  Adopt $155,287 net increase to the General Fund FY 2018/2019
       Budget for departmental operational requests

13.  Adopt $15,000 increase for the Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development

14.  Adopt $10,000 increase for Nueces County Animal Control operations

15.  Adopt a $750,000 General Fund transfer from Mechanical Maintenance (Dept #1500)
       to General Administration (Dept #1285) for litigation reserves

16.  Adopt and accept $500,000 transfer from Road District IV to Coastal Parks Fund

17.  Adopt and accept $500,000 transfer from Road District IV to Public Works,
       Road and Bridge Fund

18.  Adopt and remove General Fund transfers:
       a. Capital Projects ($250,000)
       b. Precinct Special Revenue ($250,000)
       c. Outside Agencies ($100,000)

19.  Adopt $25,000 allocation to the United Corpus Christi Chamber of
       Commerce for services related to the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA)

20.  Adopt funeral home allotment increase to Social Services Department
       Budget as follows:
       a. $100 increase for caskets
       b. $200 increase for professional services
       c. $150 increase for cremations

21.  Adopt and remove FY17/18 General Fund Transfers not needed for FY18/19
       for Coastal Parks as follows:
       a. FY17/18 budgeted transfer for contingency                   $300,000 
           FY18/19 remove transfer for contingency                    ($300,000)
           Total FY18/19 transfer for contingency                               -

       b.  FY17/18 budgeted transfer                                                $1,087,000
            FY18/19 remove transfer (funded by Rd. District IV)       ($ 500,000)
            Total FY18/19 transfer                                                         $ 587,000

22.   General Fund Transfer - Special Revenue, SECO (Energy Projects) - $150,000

Budget Information
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