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AI-11328 4.A.12.       
Meeting Date: 11/20/2019  
Personal Service Agreement with P&M Commerial Operations, LLC
Submitted By: Monica Rodriguez, Coastal Parks
Department: Coastal Parks  

Discuss and Consider execution of a Personal Service Agreement with P&M Commercial Operations, LLC to perform construction/project management services as listed in the attached proposal to assist Coastal Parks with recovery of the I.B. Magee RV Park facilities.
Using an independent consultant to provide construction/project management on major capital projects is inherent to achieving the overall success of major capital construction projects. This is a proven practice that will ensure the project goals are achieved as intended and expected with the public dollars used. The following are 10 benefits that an independent construction/project management firm can bring to the success of the I.B. Magee recovery project which is extremely vital to the County's overall success in our recovery efforts:

1. Better efficiency in delivering services - Efficient management can provide a roadmap that can be easily followed and may lead to project completion.  Once you know where to avoid pot holes and bumps, it's certain that you'll work smarter and not harder resulting in greater productivity that will last for a very long time.

2. Improved customer satisfaction - Whenever you complete any project on time and within budget, the customer will walk away satisfied and happy. So happy customer is one that you'll see again and again, and he will also recommend your business to hundreds of other people. Greater awareness about your business means greater sales and profits. Smart management of project is done using tools that enable client/manager relationship to flourish.

3. Enhanced efficacy in delivering services - The strategies you used to complete one project will serve you for many future projects.

4. Improved development and growth within your team - Positive results from your project will inspire your team and it will continue to look for ways to perform in a more efficient way.

5. Greater competitive edge and standing - The benefits of efficient management of any projects are visible not only within the workplace, but outside as well. With superior performance, you will enhance your position in the market and will get more business.

6. Chance to expand your services - It's a byproduct of great standing. Good performance leads to even more opportunities to succeed.

7. Better flexibility - The biggest benefit of efficient management is ultimate flexibility. It allows yu to firmly map out your strategies on how you want your project to get completed. But, the biggest benefit of this organization is that when you discover any smarter direction, you can immediately take it. For all types of companies, this alone is worth the cost of admission.

8. Increase in quality - With enhanced effectiveness, there is considerable increase in quality. 

9. Increased risk assessment - When all project players are lined up and your strategy is in place, then all potential risks will jump out and may slap you in your face. Efficient management of projects helps you in assessing the risks and warns you in time, even before you start working on any project.

10. Increased productivity - Increase in quality and better management will automatically lead to greater productivity.

P&M Commercial Operations, LLC has 20 plus years of experiences of successful construction/project management experiences in both the public and private sector.

1295 Form Certificate No. 2019-561740 has been filed with the Texas Ethics Commission.

Budget Information
Information about available funds
Budgeted: Funds Available: Adjustment: Amount Available:
Unbudgeted: Funds NOT Available: Amendment:
Account Code(s) for Available Funds
Fund Transfers
Source of Funds: General Capital Amount Requested: $65,250.00 Fiscal Year: 2019/2020
Fiscal Impact:

Project# 19010401 - Padre Balli Park Improvements
Park Board Update
P&M Commercial Operations LLC - Contract
P&M Commercial Operations LLC - HB89 Form & Debartment Statement


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